What is wrong with me?

OK this may be strange but I'm confused so I had s** with my boyfriend the problem is I'm the type of person that gets really insecure at times and I hate it but it's the way I am so I talked to him while I was like that and I was feeling scared and like I was a s*** even though I love him but he was upset that he made me feel like that so he told me he didn't know if he could do this anymore knowing how he makes me feel and I was terrified the second I read it I burst into tears and then for some reason and I don't know what this is but my stomach completely knotted up and I felt as is I would vomit does anyone know why it hurt so bad. and he and I are ok now but I told him I'd no longer talk to him when I'm like that so now when I feel all scared and insecure I have no one to talk to so does anyone know how I stop feeling like that?

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  • stop letting silly things get to you there are more serious things to worry about insecurity is silly if someone doesnt love YOU the real unhidden real you then its not worth the time anyway

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