One day when I was at Uni I was in a private study room. I turned on the computer and started watching p**********. After the librarian came in to say the library is closing and saw the p*** on the screen and I got in trouble. This scenario caused me anxiety and heartache for a while as I though I was going to get kicked out of uni. I now realise that what I did was wrong and I have learned for next time to not watch p********** in a public place. I can rest easy that I have learned something out of this experience.

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  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNwED0wYtt8&t=392s this youtube was busted for playing a con job on me. i used to watch this video it was so relaxing for bedtime. so I won't forget this ones game.

  • L****, that was good, hey if the librarian is do-able, apologize to her and mention that p*** just blows your mind and ask her if they have any currently in the inventory. see her reaction and if it isn't panic, take it further with her.

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