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One day when I was on the bus I saw a little girl who was around 4 years old. For some reason I could not stop looking at her butt, I thought I was a pedophile and started to get really concerned. This has made me anxious and kept me up at nights. However I want to change the feeling behind this memory as I know I am not a pedophile and there is no evidence to suggest that I am one. I can say that I am a good human being as if I wasn't concerned I would be a weird person and a pedophile.

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  • If you're sexually attracted to younger children, I really don't have an issue with that. That is, if you learning to control your feelings and emotions to children. I know it may be hard for you to try and stop your attraction to young children, but it's how you act on it what really matters. If you rape children simply for your own needs then you are a sick brat who deserves to be locked in h***, but if you simply admire children from afar and keep your thoughts and emotions to yourself and those who are close to you then I don't see a issue with it.

  • You can't control or choose your sexuality. This means your sexuality is not a moral issue. If you are sexually attracted to young children then you are sexually attracted to young children. There's nothing you can do about it so feeling guilty would be counterproductive. What you CAN control is whether you act on those feelings. That is where the moral dimension lies.

  • Why don't you come in and have a seat..

  • You should research pedophilia and if you're still convinced that there is no problem, you should get therapy in order to find out why you did that.

    Good Luck!

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