Where to find a root

I have been in here confessing how miserable my marriage is, and how non existent my s** life has been. Ok, so husband has finally left. I am feeling free. Only problem is, hubby and I have been together since I was a teenager. I don't know how the world works today. How do I find someone to f***? I am so h**** and can think of nothing else. I need a c*** inside me so bad.

I am hesitant about putting my picture on a dating site, as I am fearful that someone I know might find it. I am a single mother and can't hit the pub scene of a night.

How do I go about getting a f***? Please. I need it so bad

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  • Try craiglist that might help you ..but i agree with a lot of others that have posted ..if you want it then go out and find it you just have to start looking for those c**** you want in you and you will get them believe me

  • Send me your e-mail ill show you a good time ill tell you Im Julian

  • If you can't find a good d*** it's because you aren't trying very hard.

  • Cheap s** and one-night stands are easy to find. It's committed, long-term relationships that are difficult. If all you're looking for is a one-off, there's one right around every corner. And the corner after that. And then the next three.

  • you already know where to look and what to do, your just being nervous. take a litle time and you will feel your more confident and less nervuos and then after you get your first one then each of the ones after that will feel easeir and better. dont woryy it will happen i promise.

  • Triple thumbs up! Seriously, everyone like the above comment so our h**** friend knows it's true. And it is true, we all know it.

  • The gym is another place you can locate men. Common use of the exercise areas, weights and training machines will put you around lots and lots of men, and you only need one. Happy hunting!

  • Your a fraud, I have offered to f*** you. You obviously live in the UK. So do I lots f*** send your e-mail adress

  • Actually I am from Sydney

  • You should celebrate the fact that you got rid of that horror you were married to, and one of the ways to do that is to sign up for an online dating service. Do it proudly, not sheepishly. You're entitled to some fun, and you're entitled to some f***, and how you go about getting both of those is nobody's business but your own. Be bold. Be sassy. Be sexy. Get laid.

  • the time-honored tradition of 'the fix-up' is still perfectly valid and you probably have some girlfriends who know some people who know some people. it doesn't need to be forever: it only needs to be for now. what you need is absolutely available but it isn't going to come knocking on your door without some effort from you.

  • Being listed on a dating site is nothing to be ashamed of: millions of people do it. It's not a sign or confession of desperation, or an indication that you've tried everything else and you're down to the last straw, without having had luck anywhere else; far from it. It's just one other means of meeting people, and if anyone teases you about doing it, you can say just that: "Yeah, I'm looking around to see what's available, and not only online. I'm not committing myself to anybody, I'm just shopping." There's not a single thing embarrassing about it, and you should use it as one -- just one -- tool to find a partner, whether temporary or permanent. Anybody that derogates you or criticizes you for it is somebody you don't want to know.

  • this is going to sound awful (and I suppose it is) but church is a great place to meet guys. both married and single. all that repressed sexuality doesnt mix well with boiling testosterone. you can totally find some good root at a big church. and they will all f*** you like theres no tomorrow.

  • You are obvioulsy not in any great need, I have offered to f*** you and you havn't sent you e-mail address

  • Men are everywhere. Pick one.

  • the world works exactly like it has always worked. your a woman and you dont need any training to find and seduce a man. your in charge. stop whining and act like it.

  • You sound normal and I'd love to f*** you send you e-mail address

  • Go onto Craigslist and look under "Causal Encounters". There are no shortage of men looking for women. Pick one that perks your interest and respond. If they request a picture send one without your face or anything likely to identify yourself. (Make it clear you expect a picture in return.) If it turns out to be someone you know they'll have to explain what THEY were doing on the site. If you're really concerned about the possibility of someone you know finding out pick a location outside your local area but still within driving distance. That will minimize the risk. Oh, and use a g****** condom. Your kids need you around for the long haul.

  • i have let myself get picked up in the grocery more times than i can count. its a great place.

  • Surely you can find a babysitter who will stay with the child long enough for you to slip out for a s***. If not, then simply be on the prowl (dressed to thrill) at the sites where you take the child: school, shopping, church, etc. Or join a single parents group: those are breeding grounds for . . . well, breeding. If all you really want is a no-strings pump and dump, there are probably only about a half-million randy men willing to serve in that role who are within a thirty-mile radius of you. And if you aren't particular about their marital status, that number is probably triple. If you need the meat as badly as you say and you aren't getting it, you have nobody to blame but you.

  • Single Parent groups are great. I met a lot of nice ladies while a member (twice) the first time after dating several years and being engaged, that didn't work out but the next time I made a real connection and married her. We were married for 20 years before she died of lung cancer (non smoker). Now that group is no longer in my area and I'm 81, so that makes finding a good woman harder but not impossible. I ended up president of the local Parents Without Parents chapter when I met my future wife. That was an interesting year. cc

  • Where do you live? If near me I'll hit you up.

  • Sydney where are u?

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