It's getting old

I'm not sure how much more I can take, I love my wife, but I just don't feel it lately. All we seem to do is fight, and I don't even want to have s** with her anymore. Honestly, I've given good thought about cheating, as sad as it is to say... I don't want to give up, but I can't take these feelings much longer

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  • I agree with the previous comment and want to add that your wife is probably thinking of cheating as well,as an immature way to lash out for perceived wrongs incurred. I know of someone who has attempted it and considering the circumstances, would be considered the nuclear option if exercised.

  • It is one thing to love someone, but to be in love with them is another. So, ask yourself... are you in love with the woman you married?
    Talk to your wife. Listen to what she has to say. Find out where things went wrong and if you truly want to make it work, then the two of you need to put forth the effort. Arguing is a normal part of life, but you need to resolve the issues that come up with the arguing otherwise, cheating becomes the escape and the pain is worse all around.
    Best of luck.

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