I cut myself. No one knows.

I cut myself. No one knows.

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  • I scratch myself to the point of blood. My family and friends think I have some skin condition and have taken me to a doctor numerous times.
    I have no idea why I do it.

  • Cutting is a way for people to release the emotional pain in their daily lives through physical pain. It is like all of your pain runs out with the blood, but at the same time, you leave yourself with a scar - a constant reminder of that pain and suffering. There are many ways to get help with this, but most people out grow it. People who cut are not trying to kill themselves, or get attention, they are trying to find a way of dealing with their issues. Try finding a different way of releasing the stress and pain of your life. If you need a counselor, talk to one. If you do not feel comfortable doing that, try writing down all your feelings. Try to stay busy so you don't think about cutting (at least at first). Like try taking a walk after school, or excerizing or something like that. Do not continue to scar yourself, as you will regret it later in life.

  • alot of people cut themselves because they are trying to replace their emotional pain with something visual and tangible or are punishing themselves because they feel inadequate in some way. comment #1, you don't know s*** so shut your hole. not everyone who cuts themselves are stupid posers.
    hey confessor, i care and lots of people do. try to filter out the dumbasses. get some help, you know cuttings not good for you.
    - former cutter

  • they dont cut themselves because - why make life even more miserable. mayeb when you are old enough to pay taxes you will understand that you shouldn't act selfish. its not all about you. Grow up

  • I care. I don't know you.

  • hey krysta- im me if you read this

  • dumb ass

  • people who cut them selves are the people who act like they dont want any attention but thats all they want if you are gothic gay or have no friends and thats the reason you do it all you want is attention. what does cutting yourself have to do with yourself, you have problems so you cut yourself and i know you dont wana kill yourself so suck it up and get on with your life. if you think your life sucks try going to iraq and see how much those 20 million peoples lives suck and see how many cut themselves , none

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