I cut myself yesterday. They were small cuts. But they didn't bleed. Nobody realised which was good. Today I cut myself again, it takes away the pain. I just wanted to say that.

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  • Attention-starved idiot.

  • Yep!

  • Which pain? Why are you disfiguring God's temple?

  • The pain that every single living person on earth, past present and future, has. In other words, normal everyday stuff.

    Dumb little kids like this always think they're the first person to ever feel "pain", and that the ONLY solution to that is by making attention-grabbing marks all over themselves like a rather dimwitted zoo animal.

    Remember these crucial points when trying to empathize with these dumb little kids:
    1) ONLY cutters feel pain. Nobody else living on this misbegotten rock has ever felt pain, ever.

    2) Cutting is the ONLY way to feel ANYthing other than (not as visible) pain. The ONLY way!!

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