Get laid already..

Some people in this world are just so damn tense and/or are a stick in the mud to the point where it's killing your vibe u know? Whether it's a teacher, coworker, friend, or just a person u know and it leads u to wonder how they got that way. It usually comes to u looking at a friend or talking to ur self saying "Man, he/she needs to get laid."

Be honest! you've seen ppl who acted like a stickler but once they got some d*** or p**** they mellowed the h*** out. I know a sexy ass latina who needs d*** desperately (lol). She's 22 and does everything to keep herself out of a relationship much less talk to guys. I'm talkin workaholic, poor social skills, is all into anime and manga that's the only thing she does like seriously..

The answer is yes..being the righteous upstanding guy i am, i see a damsel in distress i put my two cents in. Hinting that maybe she needs to open up (literally and figuratively) to a memeber of the opposite s** and she'd enjoy life more. "No, because no man is worth me changing my schedule over and besides I'm too busy to have a relationship with anyone." Like naruto is goin any f***** where..

But alas, I will make another attempt. Why? I mean i know if i succeed i'd enjoy it...alot...but its more for her because, well, some people u just know s** would help relax their minds help them unwind alot.

May 24, 2013

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