After one year of realtionship i came to know my boyfriend used to talk with his ex. Although i had no problem with it as i supposed it was friendly talk but he told me only about one or two times but they had alot of talking on phone for 3months. Recently i came to know alot about his as these talking were not friendly as his ex was trying to get back. He confessed alot of things like he cared about her, he hid alot of things from his past relationship (on part of that i had told him evrything about my past relationship) , he always lied to me in relationship on various small things, he manipulated facts or matter.

Now i broke up with him
He is trying to get back.

We loved each other but he is a compulsive lier which he accepted.

I love him but i cant deal with the lying.( even before relationship i told him nevr to lie with me or hide things but he did)

Even after breakup he is lying.
What shoul i do?

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  • Thank you! I really appreciate that. After i finalised the breakup he is constantly calling me and messaging me. Although i'm not taking his calls but in messages all he is trying to prove he did nothing wrong,he was caring for me , all he did was to save our relationship , trying to woo me again that he loves me and i too love him. Today, i finally blocked him over even calls and messages.

    May God keep me strong!

  • I don't get why you're with him. You seem like a nice enough girl. Seems to me you deserve to be with someone who puts you first, you know? I mean, you trusted this guy with his ex, but he took advantage of that. It's always sad to me when a nice girl is stuck over some loser guy who can only think about himself. He sounds like he does not respect you. When you guys were doing romantic things, and you were happy to be with a guy, he was there thinking about his ex the whole time. Probably thinks he was really clever. I bet you anything he was texting her in front of you, or something blatant. My advice is to focus on your own happiness, let him chase his game, and learn to see him as the small, fragile, pathetic excuse for a young man that he is. He's about to take your happiness, your innocence, and your belief in others. You may feel bad now, and pretty bad if you're single again, but stick with him and you'll get nothing but misery. When a good relationship comes along, you will know. There is a world of difference and you will see right away. If it doesn't work out, hey it's okay. You're a good person with a good head on your shoulders. I hope you don't let him inside that head and turn it into a deadzone. He will if you give him the chance. He will.

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