Wife and another man

I m********* alot. When I do m********* I think about my wife and another man. The thought of my wife naked with another man would be hot. I've given this alot of thought. I'd actually let my wife get together with another man at least once a week no more. The only stipulation is that after she's been with him. She'd have to let me play with her wet p**** and go down on her when she gets home. I've tried talking to her about it and she'd either change the subject or get upset about it and doesn't want to discuss it. I'm not sure why she wouldn't want to do it or not. I really want to do this. Any suggestions how to talk to her about it would be acknowledged thank you.

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  • Hi my name is Jane, my husband pestered me into doing this. I was reluctant but gave in, at a party with my friend we were a little drunk and a couple of bloke chatted to us, she went of with one. I thought well I fell h**** and its what he want's so we found a room, he stripped me and as I sucked his c***, he mauled my big t***(40gg)he said I love saggy old slags, this made me really wet, l looked up and replied you had better f*** me then. I lay back on the bed legs spread, hairy p**** wet and open and he told me to kneel, then f***** me hard, I felt him tense and s**** deep into me. He pulled out and was instantly relaxed with another fat c***, banging my c***, I c** and he spunked. They left me naked c** oozing from my p****.
    I went home and told hubby everything, he f***** me like a beast. I now f*** other men often but only tell him occasionally. I have asked him to f*** other women and tell me all about it

  • Same room swap is so much better. You get to watch her, and she gets to watch you.

  • My wife has had s** with other men and yes it is great seeing her being stripped and then having the man playing with her eventually having s** but make sure you totally trust her because she might actually enjoy doing it and yes if she is willing she will tell you exactly how she feels under another man so good luck

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