Innocent girls are the naughtiest?

Honestly, I'm known for being innocent, nice, pure, a virgin that's proud of keeping herself for the right one. I mean, I'm still proud of myself for being a virgin and I still am for the idea of keeping myself for the right one. No one knows what really goes on inside my head. BUT, I have to confess that I probably think about s** more than any normal guy in a day. I've been sexually abused when I was around 8, and ever since then I found out how it felt to be "touched" and I started playing around with my c*** ever since I was very young, without knowing exactly what I was doing, the only thing I knew was that it made me feel good. Now I'm 18, and I've been masturbating almost every night for years. I've been watching p*** for about a year. I get wet very easily, and sometimes I'm so h**** I don't even know how I can wait until marriage. Because of this, I've been preferring to have a long distance relationship in order to not tempt myself from being all over my "boyfriend" although we broke up not long ago. One of the things that I'm worried about is that now I get my o***** in just few minutes that if I do have a real s** I won't enjoy it for too long. and I just am so h**** all the time! and nowadays I'm even more concerned that I get wet by looking at naked women's picture although I'm 100% sure I'm straight. Somehow d*** pictures disgust me and dont turn me on but naked girls playing around turns me on. I'm just very confused!

Jan 31, 2013

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  • I don`t see what all the fuss is i wish i could have a s** drive enough to be able to j*** off a few times a day it feels great to watch p*** and c**..maybe you could try hooking up with a lesbian you might like it..i reckon bi sexual girls are the happiest of all and they do threesomes and get off in ways us straight can`t..p*** full of bi sexual p***...i love watching c** swaps where a man c*** in her mouth and she kisses the other w**** with the c** dripping`s hot..

  • Why do s3x maniacs always have to add "I'm like this bc someone touched me when I was a child"?

    What does that have to do with anything?!

    I was touched in my secret place as a child too, but I don't waggle my junk all over the place and use that as an excuse.

    Own your $hit and evolve, you morons. FFS.

  • You can't rush these things... and if you find yourself repulsed for "no reason", maybe you could go talk with a therapist about it. No one should be sexually abused.

  • I just made the last post, but have something further to add. Even though I'd like to m********* with you each night on webcam, I know better. The relationship between me and my wife is actually improving. It's good to save yourself for your man. When we were going through some particular difficulties, I fell in love with a Slovak girl. At one point, I was massaging her t*** and c***. My wife found out and we've had trouble since, even though better. It's best to wait and stay true. I think you're on the right track. I'm trying to get off the p****, which will help you, too, to cool yourself off a bit if you're deciding to wait. Don't be worried about being so h****. It's normal and some are more than others. I really am. I am thinking about s** constantly. Am trying to stick to my wife and quit masturbating (why do I need to any more?) and have the real fun and quit the p**** (same reason). Good luck and take care :). Lots of love.

  • I really do want to keep myself "pure" and untouched from any other men so that my real s** with my one and only husband would actually be special. I want to give him the best gift I can this way. I hope you get in the track back with your wife again, I mean she chose to marry you for a reason and you too, right? Have a good life! Good luck, and thankyou for your support too :)

  • Secretly I want to have wild s** with you and give you a party you'll never forget (I'm well practiced), but in actuality, I have to say "way to go"! You're doing fine by waiting. I am a guy and get turned on by lesbian p**** more than by anything else. I should probably get off the p****, as well, but it's hard. I am also married and should be satisfied, but somehow I have trouble. And still secretly I want to eat you from head to toe, front and back, every square inch -- literally! It's interesting.

  • Sounds like your just going through a phase where you gotta find out what turns you on and what doesnt, its fine if your into chicks and not d****

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