My husband doesn't know

I have a boyfriend that I have been seeing from since not long before I got married. He is almost the same age as my parents. He is an investment person and he comes to our town at least once a month because they have a office here. We met at a bar like the night after I got engaged and we made love for six straight days and it was so totally amazing. Now I see him every time he comes here for his work or for meetings with people. About two years ago, he started coming in a day early and leaving a day late so he could be with me without me having to stay away from home late at night, but he tells his wife he is working the whole time. I meet him at the hotel on the first day and last day and we just stay together in bed and make love the whole time until I have to leave to go home to my husband and children. It's the best s** I ever had in my life and I hope we don't ever get caught because I just can't quit seeing him, like not ever.

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  • There are people you marry and people you love. My wife is the person I love. I am the person my wife married. I am the provider and father. She has peace s** with me. She has passionate s** with the man she loves. When she was younger the man she loved was older. Now that she’s older the man she loves is younger. We have been 27 years married. I’m proud she has always been satisfied.

  • I know where you are coming from for two months ago I met this Hispanic guy at the club I belong to and we hit it off right off the bat. I didn't go there expecting to pick up a guy for this is the first time I have had s** with another since my marriage.
    He asked me to step outside for some fresh air and I went with him, he gave me a little kiss on the lips and I gave him one back but longer the next thing you know we were kissing and petting like we were both teen agers, his hands were everywhere and at times I swore he had at least 8.
    no more than 30 minutes later I had no clothes on and I was laying on my back on a bench by the river and he was f****** me, oh god was he f****** me. I never had a c*** as big as his in my whole life. He f***** my puss, he f***** my ass and when he said he was about to c** I gave him a BJ and swallowed it all. I couldn't stop sucking him after he filled my throat with his c** and he stayed hard and ended up s******* me again. For two hours we remained together and I loved every second of it.
    I gave him my address and three days later the door bell rang and hubby answered it and there he was and he asked Tim if there was any work he could do around the house for $5.00 a hour I was standing behind Tim and our eyes met and I formed on my "lips I want you" and he smiled and Tim hired him for the day to do yard work that really need to be done, Tim hated doing it.
    Tim had to leave for work and Jason was hard at work mowing the lawn and around 9 I took Jason a cold beer out to him and it was almost 2 before he went back to work, for five hours Jason pleased me beyond belief and this time he filled my ass with his c** twice.
    Since then he has had me over 20 times and I am not going to stop seeing him. He knows my husband's schedule and within 15 minutes after he leaves for work, guess who comes to the kitchen door.

  • they have a word for women like you......'w****'.

  • Why did you get married if the s** with this guy was so incredible? Do you have feelings for this guy? Or is it just the incredible s**?

  • I wanted to call off the wedding on the night we first met and made love, and just be with this incredible man, whether or not we got married. But he was married and still is, and he can't leave his wife (long, complicated story) for at least a few more years, and he said he didn't want me to be alone for that entire time, so he encouraged me to go ahead and get married myself, promising me that he would stay in the relationship (he even secretly came for my wedding!!) and he's done everything he ever said he would do, and more. Yes, I do have feelings for him: I love him. I love my husband, too, of course, and he's a good man and a good husband and father, but he has never excited me or satisfied me like my boyfriend: it's a very, very different thing altogether. Eventually, my boyfriend will leave his wife, I will get a divorce, and we will be together. Yes, the s** is beyond anything that I can describe in words, but there's far more between us than just all that incredible heat. The man is truly irresistible and he knows how to do certain things to a female body that my husband has no idea about. And when I leave home for this man, we will be wonderful together.

  • Just another stupid, dumb b**** who naively thinks a guy is gonna leave his wife for her. Are women getting dumber overall? When you stop giving him the s** he's using you'll find out if he has "feelings" for you alright.

  • No, women aren't getting dumber: they're just starting to behave like men have been behaving for centuries. The difference is that women are better at deception and duplicity than men because women are smarter. Women who cheat on their spouses rarely get caught, but men almost always do. This particular girl (the original poster) may or may not be wrong about her guy ultimately leaving his wife for her, but while she's finding that out, she's obviously enjoying herself. Adultery is pure fun: that's why so many people do it. She knows that.

  • He probably will never leave his wife but may leave you for sure.Right now,you are too convenient for him and he loves it..he can lick his cake and f*** it too for a few years. Be careful and truthful.

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