I guess it's wrong but...….

I've still been seeing my ex girlfriend even though she's been married for almost two years (their second anniversary will December 20). I never wanted to break up with her but she met this super rich older dude and they got married in a hurry. She said she would still have s** with me but we could not ever go out on dates. Not ever. I even had to kick out my roommate and carry all the rent on my own because she didn't want anybody to know she was coming there and f****** me. The s** is incredible but I'm not meeting anyone else and we don't ever really talk or just hang out. And I can't talk about it to anybody. Maybe this happens all the time but it's the only time I've ever had it happen to me. I am still in love with her, although she doesn't like for me to say it. She wants everything so stay casual and chill.

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  • If she’s f****** you I’m sure she’s f****** others. It’s about wanting her needs taken care of and you should just move on.

  • She’s not worth it you might not be the only one in who knows what she’ll give you plus if the sexx is not good do you think her husband is satisfied? MoveOn my friend.

  • Dude she left you for money. The root of all evil. Unless you realize she doesn’t truly have feelings for you move on or continue to feel like crap everyday. No one leaves a relationship from the lack of $$$ Enjoy the s** but forget about her leaving him for you.

  • Let her go now as she is not gonna give what you exactly want from her. Just allow some one else to arouse you in every manner thats the only solution which i see

  • I appreciate your input and I think you're almost surely correct. I am subconsciously harboring the hope that she will "come to her senses" and leave her husband to return to our relationship. I can give her everything he can...….except, of course, for all that money. Which is why she married him. Which is also why she didn't stay with me. And which is also why our relationship is dead. Thanks for your candor.

  • Ask yourself the question, do you really want to be with someone who dropped you when a 'better offer' came along? Be brutally honest with yourself.

    I know it's hard, and it will be hard for a few months , but you need to end it with her. She's using you.

    There's plenty of women out there who will value you for who you are, not what you have.

    Good luck mate

  • I second this reply. Spot on.

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