Last Man

It's tough sometimes, I wish I had someone to believe in me, not in selfish interest

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  • I will give a crap about this,if i give a flying f***.

  • Trust me: nobody cares about the crap you give.

  • ......or the f****, either.

  • Wow! In one very brief sentence, you captured and concisely expressed my own feelings. This is a thought I have virtually all the time. Certainly every day. It's part of what makes me the cynic I am, and though I try to suppress it or deny it, it remains there inside me constantly. People feign concern, and while a few of them perhaps ARE concerned, their concern only extends to the point where their individual lives intersect with mine . . . and not a fraction of an inch further. You yourself probably reach out far beyond that point and into other people's lives, being more than casually concerned and more than casually helpful, and never finding it reciprocated. For whatever it's worth, I understand your thought, and I appreciate your sharing it.

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