Im sorry

I dont know how to write a confession. anyway. im sorry, God for all the wrong things ive done. for thinking i was a bi. for being selfish, and rude, and stupid. im sorry, i fail to do things i have to do. i fail to help extend your kingdom. im sorry i have lead away people from christianity. im sorry that i let you down, people stumble because of the way i am, and they know that i believe in you. i want to commit spiritual suicide. if there is such a thing. im sorry, i failed three course subjects now,and havent told my parents, im sorry i keep lying. im sorry i am lazy and have this l***. i am sorry that i cant stand up to face all the wrong things, so i try to escape from all of them,all at the same time. i think of dying, yet im afrais and ashamed to see you,all at the same time. im sorry, i nailed Jesus in the cross. and still is, im sorry, that i am arrogant, prideful, and all the wrong things. im sorry, i am not the good people thought me to be, and im all the bad people never imagined me to be.

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  • You obviously believe in God, so let me just say this. The very last thing God wants is for you to suffer this way. He loves us -- all of us, all the time -- and he exhibited that in the birth, life, death, and resurrection of his son, a gift that we didn't deserve but was nonetheless given in love and without regard for our status. None of us, not one of us, is who we should be, or even who we could be. We are failed and continually failing, but our relationship to God is unchanged by those failures. I won't tell you to put the past behind you: I will only tell you that it is already there, and you should leave it there. Each day is a new, clean and spotless opportunity to improve, and is proof that God is giving us new chances to enjoy our lives and to be happy.

  • Never apologize for who you are! NEVER! Sounds like you've made a lot of mistakes, and some of your "mistakes" are debatable.the truth is, the feelings that keep coming up are the feelings that never truly left. Religion is a tricky thing, so all I have to say is you have the right to believe what ever you would like to. Don't give up & Please don't let suicide even be an option, same as spiritual suicide. Stay strong, fix what you can, and move on (:

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