Dear Morgan...

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I never had the confidence to ask you out.
I'm sorry I never held you.
I'm Sorry I never told you how i felt.
I'm sorry I couldn't prove to you that i deserve you.
I'm sorry I kept you waiting for a year and a half.
I'm sorry you fell back on him.
I'm sorry he treated you wrong.
I'm sorry that you stood by him.
I'm sorry i couldn't talk to you after that.
I'm sorry that everything between you two is over.
I'm sorry that I'm still too nervous around you.
I'm sorry for everything i could have possibly done to hurt you.

But once i do get the confidence to talk to you, I dare you to let me be yours. I dare you to jump into me. I dare you to trust in me and let me guide you. Because I know what makes you happy, and I could be the one.


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