I wish they didn't care

Sometimes I wish people didn't care,
so I wouldn't feel guilty.
Every day,
I get up and pretend nothing is wrong.
I hide behind a smile,
it is my mask,
my protection,
my cover-up.
I wanted to scream
burst into tears
break things
cut things,
but all I could do was stare at the wall,
a single tear rolling down my cheek.

Sep 4, 2017

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  • Poor precious little thing. I hope you DO find out what it's like when literally nobody cares. No audience for your "hidden" angst, no one to pretend at, no one to "not notice" how nobly you bear your great big heavy burden... all for real, not just in your understimulated little head.

    Go live that for a decade or two, then report back. Until then, shut up.

  • Would you like me to explain myself a little, seems as if your thick skull doesn't allow much sympathy into your brain. My own mother tells me to go kill myself. The one that brought me into this world wants me gone. I have a scholarship, I get better grades than my sister. But she doesn't acknowledge that. She puts my sister on a pedestal in front of everyone, and just kicks me off into the corner. Physically and emotionally abusing me. I just don't want people to ask if I'm okay because then I have to pretend that I am. They all lead these perfect lives and they wouldn't understand. So f*** off before you comment things like this on other people's posts.

  • Translation: WAAHHHH!!! Somebody called me on my attention seeking, and now I'm going to be a typical teenage girl about it!!!!!! Do I cry more? Do I go Hulk-level aggressive? Oh wait, I'm a teenage girl, I'll do BOTH!!! I go from Pathetic to Sociopathic in .5 seconds!!!

    Deadpool nailed it. LOL

  • I love ❤️ too watch woman have s** with animals it turns me on i guess i am a pervert

  • Umm, well then talk to me, I don't know who you are, I don't know your problems so I cant possibly pity you or "care" as you say. Shout at me, insult me if you want. Im bored so I'll listen (well, read actually..) It looks like you're searching for someone to talk to without the judging so I'm here if you need me :) Also, if you want to destroy something maybe its better to do some kind of sport to release that stress, I used to do volleyball and hitting the ball reaaall strong helped a lot. Kisses. Adriana

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