This love.

It has been a crazy last month or so for me and the most amazing thing happened tonight. Long story short I was in a relationship when I was 16 that lasted till I was 20. It was the real deal the stuff good stories are made of, that love at first sight literally, the butterflies, and the heart racing anytime I would see her face or here her voice. It ended.... I never stopped thinking about her.

Some years later circa 24-25 years old at this point she comes back into my mind. I had to know how she was doing, I had to know she was ok. So I emailed her just out of the blue. Within an hour or so she hits me back with her phone # which she never changed after all those years and I tell her that perhaps I will pass on calling her because I just wanted to know how she was and that she was still out there somewhere living her life, but I drop her my # and tell her that if she should feel so inclined to call me to feel free. 10 minutes later she calls and it all came back, those butterflies, the excitement of hearing her voice, I could feel my heart about to pound thru my chest the whole entire time. We talked for near and hour and I had to let her go... This time I was with someone and so was she and I felt guilty I guess for talking to another while I was with someone else. So yet again a good thing ends. She had called me again maybe 2 times thereafter this time my current girlfriend was around and I had to ignore the calls. She never called again after that...

Fast forward to tonight...I am now 28 and 3 weeks ago I find that my fiancée has cheated on me and is leaving....complete downward seemed worth nothing I was ready to call it quits for good. I come back to my home state to visit some relatives and my mom has a picture up of her and I from all those years ago. For 3 days I considered calling her. And tonight I did...same phone # after all these years, she answeres... Same sweet welcoming voice and immediately knows it is me. She told me she has been thinking about me a lot and we talk for maybe 10 minutes and for those 10 minutes all of my problems went away I smiled the whole time I could feel her presence thru that phone as if she was right beside me.

While nothing may come of this it doesn't matter. I am sharing my story for those of you who have lost hope to remind you of how amazing life can be. I fully plan on talking to her more and not letting her slip out of my life again.

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  • That's awesome! Take it never know what may develop (or redevelop). Sometimes even the worst things have away of leading you to the best things. Be grateful that you found out about your fiancé now instead of 5+ years into it. Be sure you take the time to get over her and the pain her cheating caused. As much as it may hurt, you have to process it. You want a clean slate when you're ready to begin a new relationship. It's time for a fresh start with whomever enters your life, not a rebound.

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