Im 13

Im a 13 year old african american girl an i feel very different from other girls my age. i like things they dont and i dont have friends. i go into chat rooms and thats the place i feel comfortable.i kinda enjoy being a loner i just wish i had 1 person to understand me not goon lie im not the most atractive girl but i still love my life. :-)

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  • I will 64 y/o this May and I suffer social withdrawal having no friends at all, but live in a group home with those who are living here and I only talk to those who I see at my mental health employees who are assigned to me

  • I'm 13 too. But since I'm white, I don't matter :)

  • Girl we the same, except in age. a quote i read somewhere: "i am alone because i want to be, not because i am lonely." being alone gives you the confidence to do what is right for you. don't ever conform, stay original because there is only one you.

  • I can see in your post that your a positive beautiful girl who will grow into a confident woman that wont follow the crowd just to fit in ^_^ take it from a girl that was once a weird 13 year old , now 25 with great friends a great job and a great life ^__^
    p.s don't mean to mom you but be careful about going into chat rooms, pll may not be who they appear to be ( even me lol) never meet up with these pll or give them personal information like age and location okay?.

  • Girl, Bet you're beautiful (: I'm kinda like you too :), but I'm an Asian 13 year old. I don't fit in, but I have friends and stuff and medium popularity. Well hey, I love helping people and giving advice/listening. My FB name is Abigail Mckayla Richter, you could friend me. I'll listen & I'll NEVER judge (: P.S. I'm a loner too, & there's this quote that says if your not fitting in, your probably doing something right (=

  • Girl you living you life the way you want to and are enjoying it, and that is all that matters. dont let no body try to change you.

  • I like that you have confidence in yourself like that. Don't let people brings you down..!!

  • Honey your last words said it all. You love life. That's all that matters. Love yourself. Accept yourself. We're all different and unique. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One day you will find that person who understands you. They're out there, believe me. Don't give up looking for them and in the mean time enjoy the life that God has given you.

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