I caught my girlfriend getting a massage in our hot tub

My girlfriend is good friends with one of her male co-workers. He is an attractive man and I have always been somewhat jealous of him. I came home from work one day and found my girlfriend getting a massage in our hot tub by him. She was sitting in front of him and he was massaging her back and shoulders. When they saw me they just said hello as if nothing was wrong so I did the same. I told them I was going to make something to eat and they said ok and continued with the massage. After they were finished they got out of the hot tub and I noticed my girlfriend had on a thong bikini and her friend clearly had an erection. Her co-worker gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and I saw him press his erection into her stomach. Even though I know she is in the wrong here for wearing a thong and getting massaged by him I couldn't help but get turned on by it. I don't know what to do.

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  • That's so sweet

  • Nothing wrong in that

  • You could let him f*** your wife's brains out while you cry like a baby, suck your thumb and j*** off into your diaper because you're so "turned on by it".

    Wake the f*** up man...get rid of this f*****' a****** that's laying claim on your wife and ready to ravish her with his erection (if he hasn't already for God's sake, and hint: it wasn't up against her stomach, moron...it was a direct hit deep in her dripping wet, orgasmic snapper)...what kind of man are you???

    After getting him out of the picture, reclaim your wife, f*** her until you're both raw, then kick her ass to the curb and file for divorce. No one should EVER tolerate such disrespectful and rude behavior from a spouse...especially in FRONT OF YOUR NOSE???

    Stop wasting time...do it...NOW.

  • Lol... she's not wrong for wearing a THONG... I would say she is wrong for playing around sexually with someone else without seeing if you were ok with it first. Sounds like you might be not quite 100% against it, though. :P Maybe you would like to watch her play with other people. That's okay. I say talk to her. Calmly and on equal terms. You never know, something awesome might come out of it xD

  • Whatcha wanna do is get yourself a good looking friend bring her on back to the apartment and into the hot tub and rub up on her! Now if shes cool with that... Throw yourself a swinging party and then kick her to the fun zone...
    She isn't someone you would respect for doing such a thing and besides if this turned you on instead of making you crazy jealous then you don't really love her anyways!
    GoodLuck and get yourself checked out!

  • What you should do is talk to her about your s** life, see if she and you want to get a third person involved, might not be something you want to actually go on with doing but its best to keep your minds open...
    she obviously likes attention and being watched so you could explore that avenue, you obviously like seeing her act like a s*** and im sure other people like her co-worker friend also like it.. just give in and have fun, but WARNING: she might end up leaving you for another guy in the long run or it might go all wrong and ruin your relationship. but hey-ho thats life, if that happens pick up your s*** and move on right? anyway have fun with it all lol xx

  • I think I will do that. Ever since then every time I have s** with her I think about her having s** with her friend in the hot tub while I'm at work. I know it sounds crazy but I can't help thinking about it and it really gets me hard.

  • It's not going to get you hard anymore after she brings home an STD and gives it to you for your birthday. She's a w****. Stop wasting your time and your life and dump this s***.

  • Dude you just gave her a first class ticket to cheat..just because her friend likes to see women in thongs doesnt mean she should wear it for him...if she's to wear anything for any man it should be you....check her on that.

  • She informed me they are just friends and nothing more. I believe her. Her friend is married and they were just having fun that's all. I asked her why she wore her thong bikini and she told me her friend likes seeing women in thongs (can't argue with that).

  • Haha What a joke. Are still trying to justify letting her do that? She will end up cheating on you no matter what.K.B!!

  • Friendzone Level = Cuckold

  • I would have punched him out....and then THREW her out!

  • You just cleared her to do whatever she wants with that guy or anybody else she meets who presses his erection against her. Congratulations: you are now officially a cuckold.

  • You will cry when she clearly ends up cheating on you with him and you are standing and watching them like that..!!

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