History Teacher s**

It was a normal day until I walked into my history teachers class. She was wearing a tight dress that made me and some of my other classmates get a erection. She then put something on the smart board and when she started typing I realized I could see her ass from behind it made me wanna f*** her so bad when she finished typing she went to her desk and I asked her if I can ask her a question. And she said sure and told me to sit next to her and tell her what was going on. I told her something else like my grades or about getting into honors so that I can be next to her until she saw me have a erection then grabbed it. I was startled on this phenomenon and thought I was in a dream. She told me to meet her after school so that she can « teach me history » so I told my parents that and she drived me to her house. It was just moments when she took me to her room undressed herself and let me finish the rest until I can see her b****. So big I sucked them so hard until I dropped her panties and saw her wet p****. It made me so hard she dropped my pants and started giving me a b******. Moments later we started f******. After 20-30 minutes she told me to c** in her mouth and she enjoyed all my warm c**. After she gave me her number and she started texting me if I needed « more practice for history » as midterms were coming up. I will never forget this moment as we currently still text each other.

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  • P*** story , nice try loser

  • Bullshit..... and do you want to know how I know it's bullshit? Because NO teenager ever has gone more than a few minutes when they finally get laid. Your 20-30 minutes of s** gave it away. Oh, and the fact that NO teacher or woman would ever just have s** out of the blue like that.

  • Wake up kid! Dont quit school cause you a big dummy

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