Massage Fantasy

I'm a muscular, mid-20s, male massage therapist, and I am very good at my job. I have always kept it professional, and I have never once had a bad review. The problem is that I keep getting urges and fantasizing about sexual activities with my attractive clients. A few in particular really get me really aroused. I get plenty of s**, so this is more of a fantasy that gets me really turned on. I know that my reaction is completely natural, and I keep it in check and never act on it. And while it's extremely difficult to keep my body's physical reaction hidden, I have never made a client uncomfortable. But oh how I would love to have a client who is willing to let me experiment and practice on her. Someone who is ok with knowing that I was enjoying and getting turned on by exploring her body. Someone who invites me to be less professional and more primal. But until then, I will continue being an outstanding therapist with a clean record and a mind that likes to wander.

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  • I've had the same fantasy for years.. Just the other way around. Instead of massaging, I'm exactly what you want. The client. Not only would I get a kickass outer massage.. But I'd love my insides massaged too. Thank you for showing me there are dirty minded masseurs out there.

  • You are exactly the kind of person I'm looking for. If you ever find yourself in central Illinois, you should look me up! Until then, good luck in your search :)

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