Cutting my self

Hi I am 12 years old and I have been cutting my self because of people being mean to me and hurting my feeling to the point of crying and I feel alone like no one cares. My parents found out I do this and there making me go to a therapist,I don't want to go because I don't think the therapist can help me so I decided to confess so please someone help me...... and tell me if this is normal or not to feel this way?

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  • Ignore the people who abuse you. They are just taking their own insecurities out on you. Someday, you will not be bullied in school. Someday, you will have a wonderful life. Just keep thinking about tomorrow. It will get better, you just have to let it get better! :)

  • Go to a therapist, they can help! I cut myself for years and eventually I was able to stop. I still slip up every now and then but it's helped me so much.

  • My friend cuts herself.Her parents are divorced,she sleeps around(pretty sure of it),her dad is a loser,her mom is a drug addict, and i think she is bisexual. She is 13 and has had way too many boyrfriends, and they're 18 years old. She's insane, but she's my friend. I tried to convince her to go to someone for help,but i know what you mean by thinking no one can help. Give it time, It will help,eventually.Good Luck to you and I hope you turn out ok. P.S. My friend recently cut her arm all the way up with scissors and got yet anothet bf, please know you aren't alone, and you will be ok!:)

  • I understand completely I got bullied when I was in school
    & it's extremely hard to cope sometimes, but trust me cutting is not the answer. You have veins that if you cut your arm in a certain way or angle you can die within seconds so for your LIFE sake STOP immediately. You have your whole life ahead of you. Your 12 and already cutting
    sweetheart listen to your parents go see the therapist maybe keep a journal and wright about how you feel trust me it helps :)

  • I agree with your parents. Go to a therapist. As a former headbeater, I gotta say, hurting yourself is not the answer. Seriously. Going to a therapist will be good and will help you build a better relationship with your parents. Don't be surprised if the therapist drags them in for a few lessons in parenting. You deserve to be happy. Therapy will help you get there

  • I think that some of what you are going through is normal It's normal to grow up and at times be bullied or picked on and also to feel lonely. If you still thank your parents don't care, take another look at the situation. If they didn't care, they wouldn't try to get you in to see a therapist. Your parents are probably scared too. Their little girl is hurting herself and they don't know how to handle it. I think going to a therapist is a very good idea. Remember to be honest with them, it works much better!

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