Swear to tell the truth and not but the truth

Do I have a problem?
The myth is men like s** more than women etc etc.
Well yes I have my fair share of women . GFs / One Night Stands etc
In essence s** had never been a problem.

However in recent times... I have developed fantasies, regular s** doesn't excite me.
When I say regular I mean with out some naughty story to it.

Without be disrespectful....which I'm not there is a list of women I want to have s** with, that I know is wrong, but when I get drunk seems right.
Here is the list

My best friends ex girlfriends *3
One of my friends sisters
My nextdoor neighbour
My Sisters Friend * 2
My Ex girls Mum

Is this wrong? If I was sober I would think that way - do I have an alcohol problem, or just a perv.
There is a story behind all the ppl I want to f***. It's like there was a trigger that made me become this way. If you want to here the story behind each one let me know - I'll be happy to explain!

Or maybe this has all been brought about my
My friends sister wanting to f*** me and me saying No.... But her being persistent and me doing it.
Or f****** a work colleague every Friday for six months straight
Or A friend (good girl)I f*****... Told me she has had threesomes and went to a nudist place with me.

Am I strange or just a regular guy who eyes have been opened to exploring sexual desires?

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  • Nothing wrong with you man, you just like p**** and lots of it. Make a bucket list of the women you want to f*** but don't leave it laying around, then start at the top of your list without being intoxicated.

    Do please tell us the back stories of all of these women in your post

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