Caught with a pump

Today I was my girl and everything was great. Iv'e been using a p**** pump for about 15 years now but always in secret. Three weeks ago i snapped the handle off of my old one and decided right away to get a new pump. Well today it came in the mail but unfortunatly she was with me and gave me the "what the f*** is this?' comment, i was to embarrased to say anything because i know even using one is considered Taboo by many people. She ripped through the package and there it enjoyment and humiliation all in one second. She screamed at me as i sat their like a whipped puppy, calling it my "d*** s***" and that i didnt care about anything but my d***. Well i was kinda using for both of us because i enjoyed it but also wanted to please her.Now i'm sitting here humiliated, angry and confused. Judjing by her reaction, being honest about using one in the begining would have been a nightmare even then, but it's weird how she's always enjoyed my size up untill now.Guess we're over but if something like a pump can break us up, maybe it wasn't worth it.

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  • They do work for length and girth best money spent -pumpaddict

  • DOES IT WORK OR NOT? Girls have commented that they like my big d***, so I have often wondered if it is possible to get it bigger so they like it more, but I always thought those enlargement products were a rip off. Please let us know if you got any extra inchage off it.

  • What the h***? What's so wrong with pumping? I do think you should have been honest about it, though. Keeping it a secret means you knew that she wouldn't be okay with it. I don't have the foggiest idea why she wouldn't be, but, yeah. [Maybe she felt like you were being dishonest about your size??? I really don't know] Probably for the best that she left. Find a girl [or guy :P] who doesn't mind harmless sexual pleasure. [I will say however that the phrase "d*** s***" is hilarious.]

  • Those really work?

  • Oh, I see now: at first, I thought you said you were "caught with a p***". That's a very different thing. Apologies.

  • Your understanding of her attitude is EXACTLY right. Anything that either partner does to enhance the sexual experience is worthwhile and beneficial, and certainly doesn't deserve to be ridiculed. You'll find another girl who'll appreciate your efforts, and then you won't even be able to remember THIS b****'s name. Good m************ riddance!!!!

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