Sometimes when I see people being kept alive who clearly have no idea that they're even in the world...
People who are suffering and would rather be allowed to die with dignity and peace...
People being allowed to rampantly breed when they KNOW, and the system knows, that they produce only children with mental and physical problems who will do nothing but cause more strain on the system -- I'm not talking about race or class here, I'm talking people who purposely pass on their really bad, sick genes to really f*****-up babies in order to get more benefits or whatever other reason -- and it does happen...
When I see babies born anencephalic, with no brain at all, and tens of thousands of dollars being spent keeping that baby alive for as long as possible, seemingly just for the sake of it being alive and no other reason, because that baby will never grow up, never walk or talk or think at all, and yet all this money and energy is being wasted because it WILL die, and everyone involved knows this...
When all these things happen, I think that our human instinct to care for others of our species has become too strong, too much. Maybe sometimes we should just let nature take its course. It seems an awful waste of energy to me, keeping these people alive, when in "the wild" without modern technology they would never survive, and nor do they add anything to society or their family but a burden.
Sometimes they even live long enough to pass on their terrible genes... nothing about that is a good idea, but then it starts to smack of eugenics, which is a hairy can of worms.

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  • No comments... Methinks people agree but are too ashamed to say it even anonymously.

  • That and/or it's too deep for the average idiot. Remember, people love to cherry-pick when life is "precious" versus when it isn't, and they are NOT rational about it. Which is why this planet is in trouble.

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