I love my boyfriend and think we're meant to be together after everything we've been theough - sometimes its like a movie but... I'm so bored! I wana be single again and just go crazy like when I was younger!

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  • If bf hasnt got 8ins forget him

  • Im no cheat

  • You're missing out on one of the few truly fun and beautiful things in life. There is no honor in wanting something more and yet pretending to satisfy yourself with only what you have. It's your loss. Pitiful.

  • agreed. cheating is wonderful. nothing is better.

  • I shall remember this,if the opportunity ever comes up,where i give a flying F***.

  • I dont care too much either but her problem but why comment on it ?

  • Because youshould be my girlfirend,but you are not,that is the reason,i don't give a flying f***.i am a sociopath.but i am a good sociopath.and plus,i just don't give a flying f*** about good looking girls with boyfriend already.and these f****** good looking girls want to be just friend with me.and keep there boyfriend that treat me like f****** s***.that is why i don't give a f***.

  • huh?

  • It's obvious that you just need a little something on the side in order to spice up your life. It's also obvious that you're capable of handling two relationships at the same time, and so you should do that. The only downside is that you get into the secret relationship, and then discover that you really need a third one to go along with the other two. How bad would that be? Right......not at all. You're young. Enjoy your life. Have lots of relationships: some secret, some not. Have fun. Have as much fun as you can. Have s**. Have as much s** as you can.

  • Yes, I agree. You obviously need something on the side to spice up your life. But that also means you are too immature to be in a relationship. Do your boyfriend a favor and let him go. Don't destroy his feelings for you by cheating on him; when he finds out (and he will), he will hate you for it.

  • Ditto. Go for it!!

  • I'm a guy and I hate women. They are so idiotic and predictable. Just like this one who posted this threat. Breaking people's trust is their thing.
    Don't even consider yourself as his girlfriend, if you have that kind of throughts roaming in your mind, you selfish b****.
    I say it loudly and clearly, f*** women from all around the world.

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