I HATE MY TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HATE MY TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYBODY DOES!!!!!!!!!! She is like 150 years old and thinks she knows everything!!!! I have her for Math and Science and i am failing both subjects because she doesn't teach us anything just expects us to know it!!!!! SHE IS SO AGGRAVATING AND ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!!!!! Several people have complained about her to the school bored including me and a close friend and they have done nothing!!!! She also does this thing were she just singles out a person and picks on them for the whole lesson!!! She gave this guy detention for yawning!!!! WELL THAT'S CAUSE YOUR BORING B*TCH!!!!

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  • So, you say you hate your teacher. Has it ever occurred to you that SHE just might hate YOU?????

  • yeah my guess is that she hates you. and the reason i think that is because i dont even know you and i hate you.

  • Say all that to her in class. Repeatedly. Don't stop saying all that. That way, you won't be in her class anymore. Of course, you won't be in that school anymore, either, but at least you will have gotten your way. Children........

  • Just sounds like you need to go read your book, even if she is a bad teacher you need to take care of your own education

  • School "bored"... Sounds like math and science isn't the only thing you're failing.

    Take responsibility for your own education, read a damn book and stop waiting for it to be handed to you by a "BORING B****"

    God, I wish I could be 15 again do I could know everything.....

  • I am above average in every other subject thank you very much.

  • being better than the average doesn't mean you're actually good at anything: it only means you better than the ones in the middle.

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