I'm 23 years old
And me and my gorgeous boyfriend are going on 4 years together
[we started dating in 2010]
and I'm just really bored with him
and I know he doesn't say it But,I think he's bored with me too.
He actually admitted to me one day that I'm a boring gf or whatever...
well, This was pretty pointless

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  • It happens to all of us and once your bird with each other it's time to
    move on or add another person to the mix !

  • I'm commenting because actually I have also been with my boyfriend for 4 years and funny enough we started dating in 2010 as well ;) anyways, you know with relationships you have the "honeymoon phase" that's prob like the first year of your relationship everything is new and exciting you have butterfly's and are so in love! My boyfriend has also said I'm kind of boring and truthfully we have become so comfortable with one another our hangouts and everything are pretty relaxing and "boring" but I'm thankful actually we have reached this point with one another ;) for us we both love each other and even poke fun at each other for being kind of boring. Find an activity that both of you like-sports are the best, my boyfriend and I always try exploring new places, restaurants going to events stuff like that to change it up and I always try every now and then to take him on surprise dates, I say just grab some running shoes and sunglasses and meet me at my house for 2pm-guys love this stuff just as much as girls I tell ya ;) Goodluck

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