Boyfriend issues?

Ok well I have been dating the love of my life for quite some time (4 months in August) and we've been planning and talking marriage and children and such. Well he's gone ALL the time and he says he hates to leave because he has 'things to do' and I feel like other things are more important than me to him. And from the lengths of time that he's gone I can just feel like he's doing something other than what he says. I feel like he's seeing another girl. But when I bring it up he says "There's no one better for me baby!", and I feel all bad for accusing him but yet he still leaves for long periods of time and often doesn't tell me when he's leaving or why. And the thing that bugs me most is although he gets really defensive and protective over me he's like that to EVERY girl and I swear he flirts with them! It drives me crazy not knowing weather he's cheating or not! I love him to pieces and then it will be days or sometimes weeks before he emails or texts me....and I'm starting to wonder if I'm enough for him or if he wants someone else, I've asked him before and he always says the same thing "You're more than plenty for me baby!", and I've always been faithful and honest. I don't know if this is just me having trust issues since I've been cheated on before or what but I could really use some advice. Thanks!

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  • Chances are he's probably banging sum other chic. But then again who knows...could be anything.

  • Hold off on those wedding plans. From what you're saying, he's covering something up. You question him, but he gives you lame and extremely vague excuses. 4 months is not a long time to really know someone..especially this guy. You should be suspicious. You don't know this guy as well as you think. For all you know, when goes away for a long time..he's with his other girlfriends or possibly his wife and kids. Trust your instincts. I would either follow him one time..or hire a private investigator get to the bottom of this. Have you googled him to see if he is who he says he is? What happens when you ask to see his phone? Does he get very defensive? That's a huge sign he's hiding something. Stop being so insecure..wondering if you're enough. You are and he's playing into your insecurities. Please say you haven't given this guy any money... Unless he can come clean and you can trust him 100%, break up with him.

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