I love it all

I am one happy 36 y/o attractive (not devastatingly handsome) dude....... I love my wife with my entire being. I love the s**, the foreplay, I love our libido, our creativity (now that we don't have babies in the house) I love my own hung c***, I love masturbating it...... I love that my wife knows that and is cool with it........I love our two children and would be lost if my 9 year old lab died. He follows me everywhere. My kids 3 and 5 make me laugh cry and pull out my hair all within minutes-------but they are my world and I love spending as much time with them as I can and try my best to be a good father. I am a paramedic and love my job

..............I guess I do hate something, I hate that when someone ASKS you these personal questions, like your friends/coworkers, yadda,yadda, yadda......as soon as you give them a positive answer they are like "well aren't you special........-don't you seem like a perfect family..,,,,(BTW we aren't perfect but we let the little things go by talking them over).....or "does someone have a chip on their shoulder?"----- well no I don't. I,m actually quite humble.

I think all the haters in my world should shut the f*** up, clean up their act and do something to find happiness in ther lives. I am done with you guys

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  • It is awesome that you found happiness...and I wish my husband would speak of me and our kids and our life together the way you did.


  • Yep everything's perfect til you come home to your bestfriend f****** your wife. Then your kids get taken in a custody battle. Knock on wood f*****

  • You love jerking off more than you love your kids.

    Yeah, I think you may be a bit of a narcissist. There are worse things, so congratulations.

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