I'm an awful person

I don't know why. I just am. Even though I do good things I just think I'm an awful person no matter what I do. Maybe I should just die or something

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  • I used to think i was an awful person,in fact i am a real bad person.but you do not see me srying about it.grow a brain and move forward with your life.never think about your problems ever again in your life.move to another town or country and start over,be happy.live a good strong life.and never let life ever get you down.move on,grow up have fun.get alot of good positive thoughts in your head.and just be happy for once in your bad life.move forward with your good life, and never look back at your bad former life ever.you only live once in your life tme,be happy.

  • Or maybe you should get help because you clearly need it.

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