Well... I'm a computer nerd. I'm


I'm a computer nerd. I'm obnoxious, unpleasant and slightly misogynistic.

I'm also alone.

See, I'm told by my friends that I've a unique taste in women.

I like a girl for her personality. I can forgo the standard hot girls.

I like a girl who is into anime, or who's pale and gothy.


MH, this one girl, likes anime, wolves, and writes fan fiction. She also has a very boyish haircut, not beautiful by the usual standards, but she is to me, damnit.

Yet she'll remain alone and as will I.

If I approach her, I'll fail. And she won't approach me.

I like her alot. I'm quite smitten.

So, I'm not really asking for any sort of advice or anything.

Merely lamenting my situation.


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  • H***, go ask her out. So what if you get rejected? Learn from your mistakes!

  • Grammar Check == You think your pretty smart, huh! Ha, what an amatuer. You think you 're a nerd, but you can't use punctuation right. "Yet(,) she'll remain alone and as will I."

    Have a F****** nice day Mr. Idiot!

  • you seem like a nice guy, im sure i would like you if i knew you

  • Yeah. Op here.

    I know your types.

    I love your types.

    From personal experience, there's someone you see on a daily basis who isn't creepy or a stalker or anything. He's obsessed with you. He faps to you.

    Yet he's too much of a coward to come forward.

    Like me.

    I may just go for it.

    Thanks for the advice.

  • I like Anime, video games, fanfiction, art.... i'm really geeky. I wish that a guy would like me but I don't think he'll even notice me or will think I'm too wierd. Approach the gril! Maybe she's just like me...

  • You sound like a good guy. Nothing wrong with liking whatever you like. Attraction is weird that way.

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