Single with Standards

You know, I really wish that I could find a girl that loves anime, games but is still girly and beautiful. I know it sounds shallow but looks kind of mean something to me too. I'm not talking anything special, just at least decent enough looking to want to kiss. Honestly I want a nice and humble girl too, not a cocky spoiled brat or anything. I don't know I guess I just haven't found any girls like this because they're all taken -Sigh- Are my standards too high? I mean, I feel like I'm not asking for much but..I guess I am.

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  • Well, you're an anime-loving gamer who refers to females as "girls", so I feel pretty safe in guessing your hygiene game is not on point, let alone your physical fitness. Your standards aren't "too high" as much as they are unrealistic and hypocritical. Let me guess, you're a "nice guy" who loves to give shoulder rubs? Is that what you bring to the table in exchange for your "hot girl"? Invest in lots of lotion and Kleenex, you have a lonely life ahead of you.

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