My wife once put a d**** in my ass (10

My wife once put a d**** in my ass (10 years ago) because I thought it in some way might be pleasurable because so many gay guys do it and I like f****** my wife in the ass. Well, it hurt like h*** and it didnt stay in my ass long.
Ah, but my wife is a trooper...she still lets me f*** her in the ass. She likes it ok as long as I am well greased and go slow in, and she says a real d*** is much better than any toy. I'll take her word for it. Can any other women confrim that? Real vs a fake in the butt?
We tried peeing on each other too. I gotta say that was about the dumbest feeling I ever had both peeing on someone and being peed on. WTF was I thinking?
We call her giving me a b****** while I'm drivig a West Virginia because that was the state we were driving through when she gave me the first one. bj while driving..not just bj.
My wife was a nice firm little b cup but a few years ago she got implants when she had unplanned operation for other reasons ending any chance of us having children. Now she has a very nice looking c cup but secretly I prefered her before the implants but she is happy so its all good. I like bigger b**** too, I just like her natural ones better.
It was her that insisted I sell the VTX and buy the Harley because it was what I wanted in the first place. She likes buying and dressing up like the nicley tiited Harley biker momma. She looks good and likes riding with me. I bet she will flash her twins when we go to Sturgis this year.
All in all I can't complain and I don't often.
Oh, and after meeting 15 years ago and being married 12 years she still has not told her parents how we met. She tells them we met at the I go to malls. She and her friends put their name in the newspaper singles section and I answered it...along with 89 other guys that responded to her ad. She called two guys. I was the 2nd. Our first date was 12 hours long and I was so poor then I had to ask her to help pay for tacos at midnight. Our 2nd date I took her to a junk yard to find a part for my constantly breaking down truck. What won her over was I think our 10th date. I was working a fulltime job, going to school at night and was in the Active Reserves. I needed my truck for work and it broke down again and I cancelled our date like I had the 2 or 3 befer for the same reason- broke truck. I called her to cancel and I could tell she didn't believe me and thought I might be seeing someone else becasue who could have a truck that always broke down on our date I said she could come over and hold the light while I worked on my truck so I could be at work at 5:30 the next morning. She did. I f***** her silly that night. It was our first time. It's still good.

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  • You should let a dog do you in the butt, their shape is made for easy insertion and they hump hard and fast, very enjoyable, like you wish they could go for hours, very rare to find a dog that will knot in your butt, but be prepared to be there for 30 or 40 minutes. If you get brave and want to taste him you'll find it tastes a bit like licking bare metal and it takes a while to get the taste out of your mouth, good luck

  • You are lucky !

    I would have NEVER spoken to you ,with your broke-ass self!

  • does let you f*** her in the ass? she should

  • yes, I agree. But with a condom, it feels like a d****!

  • ^yes, I agree. But with a condom, it feels like a d****!

  • yes, it is true. I prefer real to fake. Theres just something about a fake one that doesnt quite satisfy me the way a real c*** does.

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