I like to pee in my bed

I absolutely love to pee in the bed. I purposely peed the bed every single night until I moved out to go to college. My poor mom thought I had some kind of medical condition, but I just liked to pee in bed and hated to get up to pee. Well, I'm 25 now and have been married for a year. We hd an old mattress, and decided to buy a new one last weekend. The week before we got the new mattress, I told my husband I am going to start peeing in the bed until we get the new mattress. At first he was kind of shocked, but then said, h***, if I'm going to do he, he might as well do it too. So we happily peed the bed every night for a week. I was in heaven. Now that we have the new mattress, I so very much want to keep peeing the bed, but don't want to ruin the new mattress. And I hate those rubber liners. I don't know what to do.

Dec 6, 2014

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  • Get a good cold foam mattress and make sure it gets enough time and air to dry. I have been p****** on mine almost every second day for more than a year now, and still sleep on it every night. It soaks up my p*** so nicely.

  • I also love to p*** my knickers & snif them when they start to dry

  • I would love you to sit on my face while you p*** in your knickers. Then I would like to lick your c******* while I p*** in my pants.

  • I am a guy who loves to pee my bed every night, but I also m********* and c** in bed nightly, then sleep in the wonderful mess... ( no plastic )

  • I also like to p*** in bed until my pyjamas are soaking and then I m*********. It's really erotic, deeply satisfying and very relaxing.

  • I also love to p*** in bed and then m*********. I sleep in my wet pyjamas and I love the feel of hot, wet p*** going all over me.

  • I also like to drink my p***. When it's watery, it's really delicious.

  • Great to meet you, I thought I was alone in this awesome nightly pee and c**

  • I love to pee in bed. i have a loft and my parents cant get up there. ive gotten in trouble for it before but that doesn't stop me. i love to pee it feels so good but i want to make myself pee in my sleep any tips? i already drink water and keep water with me on my bed. tysm :)

  • I would love to see an update on the original post. Are you still wetting your bed? If so, how are things going? Does your husband enjoy it? Has your intimate life improved?

  • I purposely started peeing the bed as soon as i moved into my own place when i was 20. i love it. so liberating and comforting. do not protect the matress! first off i hate sleeping in a puddle, so i just pee into the bed itself. no clothes, just the sheet on the matress. then remove the covers in the morning and let the bed dry. i always make sure to drink a ton of water before i go to bed. that way my pee is dilute and it doesn't smell very much, even tho you will pee a lot more, but hey, you gonna pee on purpose anyways, right?, so what the heck? be prepared to buy matresses more often cuz the springs will rust, but i find i do just fine on a cheap matress, so its a expense i am willing to deal with. when i was 24, i finally found a man who likes to pee the bed too, and now, 3 years later, we are married and both soak the bed thoroughly together every night. honestly, i don't think i could not pee the bed now if i wanted to. my husband couldn't either. in fact, he never ever stopped peeing the bed, just because he liked to do it. drove his mother crazy, but he loved it so much he just kept right on doing it-didn't care what his mother thought lol.

  • Get a cold foam mattress. They are great at soaking up pee and won't rust.

  • Your husband is a lucky man. I've always dreamed of being with a woman who wets the bed and being able to wet the bed with her. I can only imagine how hot the intimate life is in a pee soaked bed.

  • I peed myself when I was 10 running home and started p****** as I got the key in the house door I was half done by the time I got to the bathroom when I was trying to wipe my pants off I was getting a h****** after I got some ads in some magazine started to order video ads of girls peeing on themselves I started getting girls to pee in front of me now I I love it pee my mouth and have a girl to pee while I eat their p***** so for only 1 girl said no butt I wet my self when I get a chance

  • Who wet in the bed tho

  • Please tell us more about your bedwetting!!

  • Your husband is a lucky guy. What a dream come true, finding a woman who wets the bed. I can only imagine how hot the s** life is in a pee soaked bed.

  • Another commenter said you should keep doing it. I agree. If you enjoy it and your husband enjoys it, then I think you should absolutely keep on wetting the bed every night. I do like my rubber liner, but if you don't, it's your mattress, who cares if it gets soaked? Let it get wet.

    By the way, I am 49 and I still love peeing in my bed. If it is something you love, it will never go away. You will always want to do it.

  • I love the feeling of p****** in the bed until my pyjamas are soaking. Then I drink more water so I can p*** more. I like to lie in my wet pyjamas and sheets and m*********. That makes me want to p*** all over myself even more.

  • I had a real bedwetting accident recently and woke up soaked. I needed to pee again, so I just wet the bed some more and went back to sleep. I miss waking up in a wet bed and miss the smell of dried pee on the mattress and the stains.

  • You know how much you like wetting your bed, and your husband likes you wetting the bed too, so you really should not get stressed about not doing it and carry on wetting the bed. Let's face it - sooner or later you won't be able to help yourself and you are going to do it anyway so just do it. If you are feeling a bit guilty that you have told your husband that the week was enough and you won't do it in the new mattress you might be able to introduce the idea to him after you have been having fun together saying that you need to pee but really don't want to get out of bed and leave him. If he suggests that you stay this is him effectively telling you that it is OK to stay and pee in the bed.

    Like you I used to really enjoy wetting my bed, and like you I hate protecting the bed - I like my pee to soak away. I only stopped fully wetting my bed regularly when I rusted the springs and had to buy a new one, and could not afford to replace the new bed. I just do it very occassionally now, and mostly when I know I won't be able to pee very much.

  • I am a girl and started bed wetting when i entered puberty just past age 12.I was put into cloth diapers pinned on me with diaper pins and adult size rubberpants[plasticpants] every night before bed time! I had no choice in the matter! I was done just like a baby,mom would lay the cloth diapers on the center of my bed near the edge,then fold them.The diaper pins,babypowder,baby lotion and the rubberpants were all laid beside the diapers.After my quick shower,i had to lay down on the diapers,mom applied the lotion and baby powder,then pinned the diapers on me.I then had to raise up my legs and she would pull the crinkly rubberpants up my legs and over the diapers.To make matters worse,since i was some what of a little girl yet,mom got my rubberpants in pastel colors and babyprints,which i didnt like!After i would be diapered,i would put my nightgown on,go and brush my teeth,then go and give dad a good night kiss.As i walked,the rubberpants crinkled under my nightgown!My bedwetting continued into 13 and 14 and as i got older,i got harder wearing the diapers and rubberpants to bed! When i was confirmed at 14,us girls had to wear white,poofy,knee length dresses and veils with white tights and white shoes and mom made me wear the diapers and rubberpants under my tights! my bedwetting went just past 15 and finially stopped! My advice to the poster above is that if you like peeing your bed,but dont want to damage your new mattress,then wear cloth diapers and rubberpants to bed every night!

  • My little girl is 12 and I put a cloth diaper and snap-on plastic panty on her every night for her bedwetting. I also put them on her for special occasions under her short little dresses. She would love to be allowed to wear white tights but I make her wear ankle socks for easier changing. Sometimes she makes a fuss about being dressed like a little girl. When she is disobedient she gets her plastic panty unsnapped and her diaper unpinned and she gets a firm strapping.

  • I was a bed wetter until I was 17. My parents thought I was just to lazy to get up and go pee. At 12 a doctor told them I had valve problem and I would grow out of it. The bed wetting continued. I was spanked every single time I wet the bed. Sheets pulled back, told to lean over the end of the bed, my soaked flannel pajamas pulled done. Sometimes Mother would spank with a wooden paddle, sometimes Father would spank with his belt. Sometimes when I would visit my aunt, she would spank. Spanked every time I would bed wet. If I wet 4 days in a row, I would get spanked 4 days in a row. Regardless of how sore my bottom was. I was told I was naughty for wetting the bed. Naughty deserved punishment. To be taught a lesson. Spanking were meant to be felt, to involve pain.
    Would think I would have had enough of spanking. Later in life I had a girlfriend who was a little dominate in the relationship. When night when I had drank to much I peed the bed a bit. She was most upset and called me a little boy. I was ashamed but also excited. I blurted out I was spanked as a bedwetter as a child. She went to the kitchen and found a spatula and wooden spoon and proceeded to spank me bare bottom. I was further shamed when a came while being spanked.
    So now years later I have a bedroom in the basement made up like a young boys bed room. Plastic sheet on the bed. Little boy sheets. Flannel pajamas.
    I often go down there to spend the night. It feels so good to wet the bed on purpose. Whats better I have found 3 people you know I am naughty little boy bed wetter. One is a retired school teacher who still has her rubber school strap. I am writing this, sitting on very sore bare bottom. Two days ago I got 700 swats with the strap for wetting the bed on purpose.
    I am naughty. I like the feel when wetting the bed. I also like the punishment. I need to be spanked and I like it too.

  • I am 66 and still wet the bed. I am spanked for it. I love to be exposed and for others to watch as i am bare bottom paddled. Teased & shamed. I like to wet my pants too.

  • Y'all should go on 'my strange addiction ' and speak up for all the people in the comments.😉

  • There are absorbent mattress covers that will protect your mattress. They're padded and feel like a regular mattress top and will allow your pee to soak in, instead of pooling up like a plastic sheet. That way you can keep wetting the bed. Just wash the mattress cover once in a while. Bedwetting is sexy.

  • I agree that it's sexy. It is so erotic to feel the hot p*** flowing all over me, my pyjamas and the sheets. It makes me want to m*********, and when I m*********, it makes me want to pee some more.

  • I will often take a bunch of tissues and put them in a ball around that area. Then I'll push really hard and either do #1 or #2. Sometimes both come out and that's the most exciting. If the tissue is still secure I'll leave it there for the night. It's so nice waking up in the morning with the stuff all over the bed and my body.

  • I wet the bed until I was 16. I wore Goodnites when I was younger and slept on a plastic sheet. When I started having daytime accidents too, my mom told me if I didn’t stop she was going to put me back in regular diapers and when I was about 9 she did.

    She took me to a medical supply store and told them I needed diapers. I was so embarrassed. They measured me and sold us a large supply of disposable youth diapers with 3 blue tapes on each side and a wetness indicator on the front. The diapers were thick and plastic backed but she still bought about 6 pairs of snap-on and pull-on plastic pants for me to wear over them.

    As soon as we got home, she had me lie down on my bed, taped me in a diaper and snapped on a pair of plastic pants.

    She moved all of my tighty whities to my little brother’s underwear drawer and filled my underwear drawer with the folded diapers and plastic pants. From then on, when I was home, it was just a diaper, plastic pants and a white t-shirt. She would check my diaper from time to time and change me as needed.

    She had to buy me husky boys pants to fit over my diapers. The plastic pants rustled and crinkled loudly and were always sticking out at the waist. Plus I had a baby’s diaper butt so it was obvious I was still in diapers. It was all very embarrassing.

  • I am a girl and a month before i turned 15,i finially made my First Communion with the class of 2nd graders.My great aunt Donna told my parents i should be like a little girl before and during the ceremony.Two weeks before the ceremony,she sent me a large box with cloth diapers,diaper pins and adult size plastic pants in it and told my parents i was to wear them for the next two weeks to become a little girl!So after i would get home from school,mom would pin the diapers on me,put the adult size rubberpants on over them and i had to wear them in the evenings and to bed every night!The day before the ceremony,saturday,i had to wear the diapers and rubberpants all day and when went went to get my hair done,i was put into a dress.I felt weird sitting there at the beauty parlor getting my hair done with the diapers and rubberpants on under my dress! The next day on sunday morning,i took my bath,then mom and Donna had me lay naked on my bed and pinned new cloth diapers on me,then put white,adult size rubberpants on over them,then my tee shirt,then the lace anklets,white mary jane shoes,then my poofy,above the knees communion dress and veil! I both felt and looked like a little girl!Since the rubberpants were the adult size,they fit me blousy and bunched up between my legs and when i walked out of my room,they were crinkling under my dress!Everyone who saw me said i looked cute and little girlish and at my party,several of my female relatives and my friends lifted up my dress and checked out the diapers and rubberpants!

  • You were dressed properly for your First Holy Communion!

  • I loved when mommy would changed my snap on Plastic Baby Panties!!
    I loved hearing the snaps as she was changing my Rubber Baby Pantie!!
    I loved how my pastel colored Snap On Rubber Baby Panties rustled between
    my thighs. They feel so good and look so babyish.

  • I was a bedwetter until I was 5 years old and wore diapers at night. I loved the smell of the pee stained mattress and waking up in a wet diaper. I've been fascinated with bedwetting since and have wet the bed on purpose many times when I was a kid. I started wearing diapers as soon as I was grown and had my own place. I'm 50 now, still wearing diapers and still fascinated with bedwetting. I wish my wife was interested in being a bedwetter too, but she's not, although she does accept that I wear diapers. It would be great to have a bedwetting partner, who enjoyed soaking the bed. It would be great to cuddle up and wet the bed together. Lovemaking would be hotter too.

  • I wasnt myself a bedwetter as a child, but did always find it fascinating, and frankly arousing whenever anyone else did it, and was sorely tempted to do it myself, on purpose if necessary. Now in my 40s, I have a son who is 14, has never been dry at night, and only in the last couple of years has begun to have some dry nights. I know that he occasionally wets on purpose, and I understand it. I enjoy buying various different diapers for him to sleep in, and he seems to very much enjoy the variety, even making suggestions about which diapers to try next. We've been through all the youth diapers, Star and Racecar diapers, and even some prints from Rearz. He doesn't wear them every night anymore, seldom wets his sheets, but is never dry in the morning if he's slept in a diaper. I'm not sure it's entirely appropriate, as I feel as if I may be encouraging him to continue to wet a night, but he seems happy with the arrangement, as am I. As to wetting on purpose, I know that he does this, but to the extent he is satisfied with things the way they are, I am happy to continue buying him diapers, and washing sheets after the occasional leaks.

  • I remember vividly taking about 30 tissues out of the Kleenex box and stuffing them against me and then peeing until they were sodden and it was dribbling on the bed for years as a kid. Sometimes if I was really busting for a pee and the tissues ran out, I'd move over to the side and pee down the side next to the wall and then put my stuffed animals back over it to hide what I'd done. I never felt bad about it, I just loved doing it.
    When I was a teen, I started getting up and peeing in the trashcan instead and then toss tissues on top of it and leave it. Every once in a while I'd pull back the sheets and sit on the edge of my mattress and pee if I knew the sheets weren't going to be changed for a week or so. It was all very intentional and rarely because I needed to go that bad. I just loved p****** like that.
    If I recall, I think I even used a stuffed animal once to pee on it until it was sodden and the rest on the sheets. They were always dry by morning and I'm not sure my mom ever knew.
    Though.. I also peed in the living room once. Parents were away and I had no babysitter for once and I just spread my legs while lying on my front and peed slowly throughout an entire show. Dark carpet so no one ever knew except me. Wait... twice. I remember pulling my pants down to do a tiny wee on the couch once too when I was around... ten maybe? It was that dark woven material that was so popular back in the 80s? Soaked right in and through the wooden slats onto the carpet underneath even though it was a small pee.
    Guess it should have been obvious I'd be into it sexually as an adult lmao

  • I would keep the old mattress and pee in it and sleep in the new one

  • You both should get some adult diapers rears or abu or bambinos they all have websites that you can Google it's a great way to stay wet and have fun diapering each other

  • I love to wet the bed. Last night I put on two pairs of tighty whities and flannel pajamas. Had a nice wetting before I went to sleep. Those are my favorite ones because I love the feeling of warm pee on my b**** and the warm wet feeling soaking my pants and bedding. Then I sleep like a baby in a nice wet spot. When I woke up, the wet spot was much bigger. I also got the special treat of an accidental wetting. What a perfect night. Since my bed and jammies will still be damp tonight, I'm already looking forward to another bed wetting. Keep your pants wet my friends.

  • I would love to meet you so that we could wet the bed together. I would love you to p*** on me and to let me taste your p***.

  • Suggest you put a plastic sheet over the mattress on Sunday mornings, spread a few towels on it and have a peeing sleep-in with your bf. Keep your panties on, have a bottle of water handy to keep drinking and read a book, watch tv or surf on iPad with regular peeing. It's amusing.

  • I was a chronic bedwetter up until the age about 13. Then I slowly started becoming dry. By the time I was 15 or so, I was dry almost all the time, to the point where my mom "retired" the rubber sheet from my bed. I must admit I kind of missed the feel and smell of that sheet which had been on my bed my entire life, so I started peeing the bed on purpose. Not every night, but enough so my mother felt compelled to protect my bed again.

  • I often wet deliberately during my teens I just liked being a bedwetter. I still do.

  • I love to use pee as lube to m*********, pee makes me h****...

  • I had a similar experience. Even though I stopped chronically peeing my bed, I slept so much better with that rubber sheet underneath my bed sheet. When my mom removed it, I started periodically intentionally peeing my bed -maybe every 10 days or so, sometimes 2 or 3 days in a row, that mom returned it to my bed "just in case". I told her I understood and did not mind :). I am almost 30 and that rubber sheet is still on my bed at my parents house.

  • Me too

  • Interesting when one reads advice to parents on the net where the professionals confidently state that no kid wets the bed on purpose. You did and I confess I did too. Not every night.

    Just occasionally. I went through phases. I don't recall much before I was about 10 but from then on there were times when I would think about it and just do it. Mind you as soon as I had done it I would be worried, embarrassed and a sort of depressed anger with myself. But usually I would do it several times over a week or two but not every night and then get sort of over it. But then a few months later I would repeat. Gave up for about 10 years from 20 to 30ish.

    Mom's response was simply a plastic cover on the mattress and I had to put the sheets in the washing machine. Don't do it now because the wife has absolutely no understanding. On occasion I have bought disposable adult diapers and worn them and used them when she was away.

  • When my son was about 7 we went from diapers at night to GoodNites pull ups, which never worked well, always leaking. By the time he was 9 we had gone back to diapers for bed. Then from about 11-12, when he started to have dry nights, we left off the diapers for a couple of years, expecting him to dry up. As he hasn't yet, we've gone back to asking him to wear diapers Friday and Saturday nights, and certain other times when it makes sense, such as hen he's ill, has had an usually exciting day, drank lots of soda and the like. Since then he's gone back to doing something I haven't seen since he was 11 (He's 14 now). In the morning, if he's slept in a diaper, he leaves it on until he's ready to shower. On weekends, this might be an hour or more, and during this time, if he needs to pee, he does it in his diaper. If it's only his mother and I in the house, often he goes about getting a drink and perhaps cereal for breakfast with only a tee shirt to cover his diaper. While I'm glad he is so comfortable with his continued bedwetting and with wearing diapers for it, I can't help but think there is a bit of exhibitionism going on as he does this. Again, I'm not bothered, but it does lead me to believe that his wetting and such are not entirely unpleasurable to him.

  • Maybe he just has a strong enough bond with you and your wife, that he doesn't feel the need to hire it. Idk,I'm just a 13 year old.

  • Along those lines, a couple of years ago, when the boy was 12, his mother pointed out to me that sometimes he slept in the underpants he'd worn during the day, but other times he changed them before bed. I began paying attention, and shortly found that he preferred sleeping in cotton underpants, though he'd begun to prefer nylon/lycra/spandex offerings during the day. This coincided with him begining to have some dry nights. After a few months, it became clear that aside from weekends, he was generally dry if he slept in the sportier underwear, and wet when he slept in cotton. I mentioned this to him once, and he at first candidly said that he disliked wetting his more mature, sportier underwear...then realized his admission, and was silent on the matter. Was he wetting only intentionally and choosing what to wear based on his desire to wet that night? I don't think so, but I do think that when he slept in the sporty boxer briefs, his 'nice' underwear, he was less inclined to wet his bed and more inclined to get up and use the toilet.

  • My 14 yo son has wet his bed nightly up until the last couple of years when he began having some dry nights. I realize this is beyond his control, and yet I also know for a fact that he occationally does it on purpose. His mother and I have always been supportive, and aware that he is emotionally impacted by his bedwetting, however I have also admitted to him that I know he occasionally does it intentionally, and that I'm ok with that. What we've done is ask him to wear disposable diapers on weekends, as he is still usually wet those nights, and I've suggested to him that if he is stressed, extra tired, over excited or full of soda, he may want to diaper himself those nights. In the last year he has seldom actually wet his sheets...and yet never once to my knowledge had a dry diaper in the morning. Make your own judgement, but I know he sometimes wets on purpose, and I'm fine with that.

  • I often wet deliberately during my teens

  • Now that I think about it, and I've never mentioned this to him or his mother, occasionally in the evenings he will sort of flaunt how much soda he's drinking, prompting his mother to admonish him to either back off the soda, or... the 'or' part of that is understood to mean first that he's likely to wet his bed, and second, that he aught to wear a diaper to bed that night. I have little doubt that this is sort of his asking permission, or perhaps more accurately, his making sure that it's ok both that he will wet, and that he will diaper himself for bed. As I said before, I've never known him to have a dry diaper in the morning, thus, in wearing one, he is essentially signalling that he will be wetting that night, accidentally or otherwise.

  • I was a bedwetter until my late teens. a couple of time a months when I did wake up dry I did wet my on purpose my brother also did as well so yes some boys do wet there beds on purpose

  • I often did.

  • I wet my bed on purpose

  • So do I.

  • So do I, because I enjoy the naughty feeling of doing it. The mattress is well protected, so is the duvet and I sleep on a big bed-pad which goes in the wash with my PJs in the morning.

  • Hi.

  • It’s true people think kids don’t wet on purpose I did I started around age 8 I woke up one night I had my blue footed sleepers on and just said what the h*** I don’t feel like getting up so I laid on my stomach and peed it felt amasing so I started doing it every night thow mom got mad she didn’t know I was doing it on purpose so I never got punished for it but I loved to sleep in the bed that was peed I loved the smell not sure why I did this all the way till I moved out and to be honest I still do it so yes some kids do wet on purpose

  • They certainly do. I often did.

  • P****** the bed makes me feel naughty! Yes, it’s warm and I like the scent too.

  • It is so wonderful to feel hot p*** go all over your body in bedcand not worry about what you are wetting or how much.

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