i don't know how to say this... But i

i don't know how to say this... But i recently caught my youngest daughter experimenting with our family dog in her room.
i don't know if i should say something about it, or leave it be.

what you you do? please say something.

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  • RIGHT^^^^^^^^^

  • Beat her ass!! She aint got no bizness trying 2 f*** the damn dog!! What kind of mess...

  • if it has anything to do with safety then u gotta talk to her but maybe u should ask like a child expert or something.

  • i dont know how does the dog feel about it? lol.

    maybe shes just curious, u know.

  • Leave it be. Dogs have no interest in f****** women. They just want to be loved and petted not engage in copulation.

  • haha i love the comment before, always blame it on the dog.
    But it completly depends how old she is. its sick and u should talk to her about it. or maybe not let the dog ANYWHERE near her room..

  • The dog probably started it when he humped her leg. Those damn perverted dogs. Raping legs whenever they feel like it.

  • to the first commenter...PERV!!!!

  • mmmmmmm....dogggggg....

  • This is the first commenter.

    I also learned early.

    Like, if I remember, it was ~5 or so.

  • videotape it and sell it on the internets for bajillions of duckets.

    You are a lying sack of s***. No one catches their daughter f******, blowing or jerking the family dog and confesses it here. Bahhhh, you probably don't even have a dog.

  • it's awkward, but I would talk to her about it, maybe she's old enough now to know about the birds and the bees... I learned when I was 7.

  • Leave it be.

    What people do is their up to their own consciences. Especially family.

    If she likes dog w***, then that's none of your business.

    'But i'm her father, lawl'', you might say.


    Do you decide her favorite color?

    You shouldn't.

    Just like you should decide what she does sexually.

    As long as it isn't expensive or damaging to house/home, and this isn't, leave it alone.

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