I Like To Role Play Belly Growls

I like to role play someone listening to my stomach growl and gurgle with hunger. Would someone please play with me? Don't got anything nice to say, DON'T SAY IT AT ALL!!!

Nov 18, 2013

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  • Depends, how old are you, are you a girl?

  • If you're a girl, absolutely, but if you're a guy, then I have to pass. I'm a guy, btw.

  • I'm a girl. So would you like to play on this site?

  • I actually kinda have a wish to roleplay like this too. :3 I'm a girl though so I'm not sure if it's weird. XD but I'd love to roleplay about listening to someone's stomach gurgle and growl, and for them to listen to mine. :3

  • I don't know how old this post is, but if you or any other girl's interested in rp then let me know! Kik?

  • Ask and you shall receive, girl! Send a pic, age and location to: rts2hbk@aim.com and we'll talk from there, ok?

  • It's not weird! Let's play! Ooooh I'm so hungry! Listen to my stomach roar for food!

  • Um... Actually I only posted two confessions..

  • In that case you have a fellow fetishist on this site! :P

  • ??? So you'll play with me?

  • I think you are the same person that posts all of the belly growling fetish confessions on here. Hahaha. Nothing wrong with that, mate.

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