I am 20 going to school at NYU and I

I am 20 going to school at NYU and I just f***** a guy for money. I met him in a club, he and his freinds had a table. I flirted and had some drinks with him. I gave him my number and we talked a couple of times but I wasn't that into him. I got bored last week and called him up and asked hime how badly did he want to go out with me. We started talking dirty and then I just cut him off. I jokingly sad I wouldn't help him get off that cheap and if I was going to be a w**** I wanted to be an expensive one. We kept joking and he asked how much to have s** with him. I said alot and then he offered me $500. I said no way so he said how about $1000. I was offended and turned on at the same time. I date guys and have hookups with friends and I would probably have hooked up with this guy eventually but all of a sudden it seemed much hotter because he was paying me. I spent two hours with him, we f***** like 3 times. He was pretty good and he texted me saying he wants to go again after work this week for $1000 again.

It was fun once but now that I have done it I am not sure I want to do it again.

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  • I just read this, and talk about a HUGE o*****. I mean, yes, it's hot but I don't think you should do it a second time.

  • A $1000.00, no way. You can get laid for way less than that, at any bar any weekend it costs nothing.

  • Girl, you better get that money, if you need some protection (for a small fee), contact me.

  • 2 dollar 2 dollar then she take my 2 dollar away

  • & that makes you a prostitue. congrats

  • SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

  • duck, stones are being thrown from everywhere!

  • i just got a b**** listenin to ur story

  • How much you want to bet the majority of people hating on this poster for being a "w****, s***" etc., are MEN who USE and ABUSE prostitutes anyways. Hateful bastards always trying to stick it in and murder women in the process.

  • The idea of an engagement ring is the same idea. "Here is a ring, marry me to finish the business transaction."

    Many MANY successful women have turned a trick or two. But be aware that its addictive. The money comes so easily you can find you depend on it. He could have spent the money on one date then s** afterwards would be the payoff. Its all how you look at it. You took that cash instead of being wooed. He knew what he wanted, and you knew what he wanted. Why waste all that time?

    It was fun the single time but next time mix up the action. Make more of a date out of it.Instead of feeling like a h*****, you may find you feel more like an escort. It'll lessen that aspect that you really don't like. Or don't do it at all.

  • S***

  • Once a prostitute always a prostitute. You might as well go into the business. You're already in it now.

  • $1000?? maybe $100, either way you are a H*****, now its one guy then you will get used to it and the guy will get bored so what do you do?? you become a soliciting one...i bet he has told his friends and soon they will come asking for it..

  • Like the previous poster said, $1000 could pay for your education. If it's only one guy and you're not selling yourself all over town why the guilt? like you said, you would've f***** him eventually anyway. Might as well make rent money out of it. I say go for it. And don't ever tell the hubby you will one day marry. Need to know basis.

  • don't sell yourself. you deserve love

  • you are worth so much more then this!

  • You have already done it once. Why not keep doing it. At least with the one guy and keep the money. Once a week would pay for your education. Though he must have bank if he can afford $1000 to pay for a 20 year old piece of ass. Was he fat? Ugly? Smell funny? Old?

  • Obviously he felt that she was worth it, I understand what it is to be a broek college student.

  • A $1000.00, no way.
    You can get laid for way less then that , at any bar any weekend it costs nothing.

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