When I was a young teen

We had a single woman in her mid thirties I think. Her husband had left her in the house where she lived alone.
She came to the field where we played baseball one day and ask, would we help her moves some things. if so she would give us a drink and some snacks.
We moved the things from her attack, after she said drinks are in the frig. When I looked all the soda was gone, I ask if i could get a beer? She said anything I wanted was fine, but I had to drink it there before I could leave.
The guys went back carrying the cookies and sodas. I had that beer and she fixed me a sandwich.
While i ate she sat with me. She ask me questions and if I had a girlfriend. She opened her shirt and told me it was hot in the house.
All I could see was cleavage and the edge of her nipple.
I told her to take that bra off and it would be much cooler. She said, you would not mind? I said its your house. She stood up off the shirt and the bra, the shirt back on and tied it up showing cleavage and some belly.
She told me she had AC in the bed room and we could go in there if i like. I followed her and closed the door. In there she laid on the bed and patted for me to lay with her.
We had s** that day three times or me, I think she had three or more o****** by one means or another.
She invited me back the next day and said I could bring a friend, IF he could keep his mouth shut.
I did not want to share her with a friend, I came alone. I spent most of the day in her bed doing as she wanted. I enjoyed all of it completely.
After a few days of this I had become bored with the same old riding her, and her giving me oral to give her more riding.
So I had my friend Charles come with me, and she wore both of us out. Then we got an other and another. Finally there were several in the living room waiting for room to get a turn with her. Most of us boys were young teens, and most were finished and gone with in a few minutes. One wanted to take pictures, she would not allow. Some just wanted to see what it looked like, play with her body some. One or two were to embarrassed to have s** and left.
I told my older brother and he went to see her. he got some and he had four of his friend come over and "pull a train" on her. They got a little rough with her and she did not care for that at all.
She would not let then back in unless it was one at a time.
By the end of the summer some of the parents told her if she did not leave the neighborhood, something bad would happen to her her house or both.
I wonder what happened to her.

Jan 13, 2015

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  • Wow, what a story

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