i was diagnosed with having split

i was diagnosed with having split personalities.

one of me wants to be nun...and the other me is apparently an aspiring prostitute..

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  • maybe i am

  • that's funny, usually when you have multiple personalities, they do not know eachother!

  • i had this problem when i was in my 20's now am just an old s***.

  • That's badass

  • -or i guess a h***** nun?

  • lol. be the nun!!!!!!!!

  • hahaha. contrasting personalities! cool!

  • maybe i am

  • you are my ex girlfriend

  • I think you're joking, but if you're for real, are you able to get professional counselling? This is a hard life (or lives) to live! Nun is fine, but streetwalker is not.

    Get professional help!

  • how apparent or aspiring are you, or rather how successful have yo been at hooking?
    I know the feeling though. It has conflicted me my whole life. Some times I get on a good streak and actually keep my morality in check adn other times i plunge deep back into it.

  • go with wat you feel. that is something even i can't help you with

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