Decided To Give My Wife Another Chance

I found out that when my wife was supposedly helping her girlfriend take care of her bedridden mother nights, she was working as a prostitute. I was probably naive when I married her. She had been a prostitute before we married and I thought I could save her from the streets.

I had been one of her clients and I fell in love with her and went into rescue mode. I mean she has a good heart and all and bad things happened to he when she was a child which she said is why she became a prostitute.

This is the second time this has happened since we have been married. One of my friends, a crude b******, said you can take the h***** out of the streets but you can't take the streets out of the h*****. Unfortunately for my breaking heart, he may be right and maybe no matter how many times she promises she wont sell her body ever again, she will.

I might be the world's biggest sucker, but I'm going to give her another chance. The third times a charm and people can change.

Jun 25, 2012

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  • I am so sorry man, give her a chance, it is not a problem. but if it happens again, i hope you'll do what you have to do. maybe she finds pleasure with earning money by selling her body. have the both of you talked about that?

  • You are absolutely correct: people can change. And when you married your wife, you agreed to remain with her "for better and for worse". As some of the other posters have pointed out, it's not so bad being married to a woman who is so experienced and so innately sexual; you can (if you allow yourself) consider yourself lucky. I consider you lucky.

  • some men who marry pros find that their wives can never quite get away from the drama. they can live without the attention, without the piles of money, without the clothes and shoes and "stuff", and even without the drugs (if they were users, which most are), but they loved the constant upheaval that was at the core of their lives, and could not do without it. your gal may really want the calm and the stability that you give her, but she keeps getting pulled back into the vortex of professional sexual chaos. tread carefully, so that you dont get sucked into it as well.

  • I appreciate your willingness to make this post: it must have been difficult for you. I think you're doing exactly the right thing with your wife. She is still the woman she was when you met her, and fell in love with her, and maried her, so there's no reason not to continue the marriage . . . and the love. There's a similar post elsewhere on this site, and if I could find it, I'd direct you to it for the comfort it might be. Another husband said after years of fighting his wife's impulses to return to doing call-outs part-time, he finally realized that she was actually making her s** life at home with him BETTER, that she was more active, more aggressive, more skilled, more knowing and more willing to experiment. And she was much happier. Once he relaxed and let her be what she was, let her nature express itself in ways she chose, let her act on her desires, their marriage became stronger than any he had ever seen, in any generation. Judging only by what you've written, I think you might ultimately have an experience like his, and I truly hope you do. Best of luck!

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