I love prostitutes

I see a prostitute about one every other week. Love meeting women, talking with them, and then f****** them.

Same cost to me as having a girlfriend but I get more variety.

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  • How do you find prostitutes? Or anything for that matter. Where to get acid or gear or anything like that.

  • I love prostitutes to fulfil my fantasies that are a little f***** up for my wife to understand. Mostly about being dominated and teasing me, making me their b****. I love older women for this (50+) as they know are well experienced and 2 hours of teasing and licking older feet, p**** & a******* before c****** is amazing. Equally, being dominated by a 19/20 yr old is incredible. Hot, young, tight (kinda), banging body, petite, sometimes busty sometimes not so, making ,evcrawl around after them, lick their feet, be spanked, take a strapon orally or anally, be insulted, eat their p**** and then finally they ride me so hard until I c**. Amazing. The best girl, mixed race, 5'11 (taller than me) 19 year old, made me c** in under 15 seconds. She never forgets and always tries to make me beat it.

  • Yes your right about that. Plus you don't have to waste time with a bunch of useless words and bother with foreplay. LOL

  • I love them too...you can do all the filthy things that are there in your mind. In my case i always wanted to rape and i did it to her. It was a wonderful feeling that u r forcefully dominating some one. I knew she was in pain as I was destroying her a*** but she had no choice. God bless them

  • How old are you? After being cheated by 3 gfs I have resorted to pros for more than 5 yrs now. I have now 5 of them, aged 20 to 45 yrs. I meet (or they met me) once a week for whole night and we f*** at our will but the best or abandoned f*** I have is with the older/mature ones. They do not nag, not fussy, not demanding but most understanding to me physical needs.

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