three things im so ashamed 1. me and

three things im so ashamed

1. me and a friend got drunk and put my brothers friend's car through a wall, we said we were just moving it, but we were joy riding. it caused so amny problems as it was on dec 23rd. i feel so bad and stupid that we could have killed someone or ourselves. i feel bad beucase it was my fault, i didnt even get in anytrouble beucase i wasnt driving at the time, but i had been driving.

2. i treat women so badly, i hate myself that i just use them. the fraise its all in the chaise somes me up. i hate that i have such commitment issues, it might be becuase i only see my bad every 5 months and dont live with my mum. im only 16. i have a really good future ahead of me but feel i will just through it away.

3. i lie to get myself out of trouble and it hasnt come back and bite me in the ass yet but i know one day it will. i just wish i could tell the truth but scared to get in trouble.

im so sorry for everything ive ever done.

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  • 1: Well, you are an a****** for that. Being drunk is not an excuse, but if that is how you act when you are drunk, you probably shouldn't be drinking!

    2: Ok, you are SIXTEEN!!!! No wonder you are "afraid of commitment"!!! You shouldn't be getting into that serious of a relationship anyway! However, when you are older, you will probably be hurt by a girl, and then change your whole outlook on love! Don't stress about that one too much, but if it really bothering you, you should stop messing around with random girls!

    3: At least you know it will come back to bite you in the ass! Be ready for the consequences of your behavior!

  • aww that sucks man. its nice to know that that ur sorry for what uve done. Especially with the women thing i wish there were more men that were like that. U can change ur future. the past is gone. :)

  • The best thing you could do for yourself is to get an education. Read. It will evolve you.

  • 4. I can't spell worth s***.

  • people like you are the reason men can't keep women and lose out on something good

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