Pot ruins your f****** life.

Pot ruins your f****** life.

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  • Pot doesn't ruin lives. People ruin lives.

  • dude pot ruins lives when you get caught with it and spend thousands of dollars making it go away. its good s*** until it gets you in trouble.

  • No it does not! I have been doing it everyday for the past 8 years. I graduated highschool, am currently enrolled in part-time college while maintaining full-time employment. Also, I hang out with my family and friends all the time (they all smoke too), and I am generally a happy person! I can smoke all yall under the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You would know you f****** drug addict!

  • drugs are a bet with your mind-jim morrison

  • Pot doesn't ruin lives. Addiction ruins lives. There's such a thing as recreational drug use without the debilitating effects of addiction. It all depends on your personality.

  • Yes, just because it didnt ruin some peoples lives doesnt mean it hasnt ruined urs. well atleast u have done other drugs hopefully. If u were to take a drug pot would be the best not as bad. My brother did pot...actually i think he still does it.

  • Yeah, I've seen it do that to people. Like someone else said, everything in moderation.

  • pot brings people together,
    I ve talked to MANY amazing and interesting people, that I never would have met if it weren't for pot.

    Try smoking less, or figure out Why you think it ruined your life.

  • pot... i can do taxes by day massages at night still go to college and be a great sister daughter and especially a kickass girlfriend....

    when i wake up in the morning i smoke pot. i smoke pot all day... in between jobs at breaks...

    no one would ever know if i didn't tell them

    pot works wonders

  • Yeah...I'd bet you ruined your own life by being a lazy pathetic loser. You probably blame every negative happening on someone or something else, just as you're blaming the marijuana that you chose to smoke.....moron.

  • thanks for the input f*****

  • I smoke pot. I work, I drink, I excercize, I have friends, family, a girlfriend.

    Sounds like you're just a loser.

  • No it doesn't. You probably ruined it by not being a "productive" pothead. It can in fact exist.

  • how much you want

  • duh

  • I disagree pot has effected my life in many positive ways. Try moderation. Everything in small doses

  • Indeed it does.

    Take up masturbation.

    It does the soul wonders.

  • True.

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