I'm really confused, I need a serious advice!

I had a huge crush on this guy in my college. The more I observed him, the more I got attracted to him. Then one day, our eyes finally met and he noticed me. We held the gaze for a couple of seconds and it was truly magical. And then this eye contact became a mutual everyday business for us. He never missed to look if I was around and whenever we crossed each other, I could see a confident smile spanning his face. His stares were deep and intense. I even noticed few of his friends teasing him when I passed by. It was too obvious that he was willing too. I am shy by nature. But this guy was so intriguing that I was ready to strike a conversation with him and then later ask him out.
But then I got to know he already has a girlfriend and the related stories. I was shocked because of the way he used to give me attention. My friends told me if he is a guy who can't be honest with his girlfriend then you better forget him. So I stopped looking at him completely but couldn't get over him. But I could always feel his eyes over me and that he was still willing to start a conversation. And then my college got over(that was almost a month back from now).
Recently I got to know that the girl who told me about him having a gf was faking it coz she liked him too(Though she couldn't hook up with him!). I felt so cheated! Now my college got over and I don't know if I'll ever meet/see him again. Now I can't get him out of my head. I can't seem to get fascinated by any other guy now. I really don't know what to do now! Some advices would be a great help!

Jul 30, 2013

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  • He obviously liked you too! Find him on facebook and chat him up or befriend someone you know who also knows him. Duh!

  • Not trying to feed your obsession, but can you pull a classmate list and facebook check every guy name? :D

  • Do you even know this guy's name? It sounds like your crush turned into obsession. You have two choices..Find him or forget him. If you know his name or how to get a hold of him you can find him and ask him out. Or start a friendship and see if he is everything you think he is. Because at this point, you may just be the girl who he noticed was always staring at him. And yea, you never know..he may have a girlfriend now. But it's the chance you take. Otherwise, accept that he was just something fun to look at and maybe represented who you want to meet. And now it's time to move on and actually find someone that you can talk to and pursue.

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