Good time

I was in high school at the time 16 nearly turning was a hot summer day and a new boy was introduced in my art class his name was aneis.the first time i spoke to him was in science [he was in tht to] the teacher put on a clip about teen pregnancy and we were aloud to sit with friends.i was not very 'popular' in my year so no one really was near me but i didnt care i sat drawing a f***** up version of superman smoking something i think and i wrote gee whiz!!! lol.i looked up and noticed him looking at me it got me a bit paranoid then his came next to me and sat very close he whispered 'why so lonely' and i said back 'none of these people think im something' he smiled and said 'your different,i like it me and you,have something in common'.his hand went down my face.i smiled he made he happy.but deep down there was something very sexy about him not just looks.then last lesson it was another hour of art and once again he was there on the same table as me just me and him.i noticed his eyes kept focusing on me i asked him what he was doing and in 20 minutes or more he put my hand out and gave me a rolled up piece of paper i opened it out and he had drawn a good looking me on top off him and he wrote at the back :there's something about you its hard to explain but to me your just what i have needed for a long time please let your body join mine in a sweet beat with rythm. i was astonished. he had wroten something that made me sparkle inside.i may sound like a easy s*** being desperate,but now i wanted him real bad and the hunt was on.he walked me to his domain.his parents were out so we had all times locked up for ourselves.first he removed my shirt so i was topless then the bra then eventually everything then got up and opened a small purse and took out some weird paper with s*****-doo on it he told me to put it on my tounge so we both did on the count of three 20 mins just led there then about half an hour later it felt like i just woke up seeing a bright light

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