Dont judge me

When i think about it, i feel like i should have a foot version of a thumb on my foot. right where the arch is. i feel like there is something there but missing and i try to clench my feet as i would my hands to make a fist and its just weird. i imagine this is how an amputee must feel, trying to move or strech something that isnt there. think about it and see if it feels the same way to you....or am i just insane?

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  • I remember coming across cases like yours in med school. You are def not crazy. Rare but sometimes brain just wired like that.

  • I've felt like that in the past a lot, actually. I eventually got used to it. Sometimes I still find myself trying to pick things up with my feet that I wouldn't be able to.

  • You aren't insane. You are perhaps one of most sane people to confess on this site.

  • thank you

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