I guess i have lost his friendship

I am 20 y/o female. I have a friend who is very close to me. He is super cute.
And few months back he had a break up with his gf whom she loved a lot. While he was upset he was sharing his feelings with me, he told me about the times that he spent with his beloved. And he told me he misses her. I was trying to console him. Then i asked him that how far had he gone in that relationship ( i wanted to ask about his sexual relationship with that girl). He told me that they had smooched 2-3 times and had some intimate hugs and kisses but never had s**. I dont know why but hearing that made me feel happy. And strangely i started to imagine him hugging and kissing me passionately. I was talking to him and his voice made me feel hotter. I started to feel for him. And soon i was sympathetically attatched to him. His situation made me emotionally attatched to him in a different way. I used to talk to him during late hours for. And days passed by, he felt better and better. Soon he was partly through with his break up. And i started to fall for him.
I asked him to meet me at my place one day. And he came on the dot. As i opened the door, i was mermerised by his looks and his presence in front of me ( he is damn hot).
I let him in, it was just him and me in the house. We sat on the couch and began to chat. Then i got up to go to the kitchen for preparing coffee for him, he followed me, saying that he will accompany me. We both were in the kitchen and i started to prepare coffee. Then i looked into his eyes all of a sudden. And he looked at me confused. He asked me whats the matter. I told him that i was feeling a bit low and need a hug. He hugged me affectionately. And i hugged him tightly. We both were feeling good. Then he wanted to break it off but i didnt let him. I kept hugging him and started to rub his back. I was breathing heavily and he was still hugging me. He asked me if i was ok, i told him to stay quiet. Then i kissed him on his neck, he stood still. I kept kissing him and soon i reached his lips, i gave him a lip lock and tarted smooching him, he was not answering my kiss then i held him closer and held his face tightly, then he too starte answering and smooched me back. We both had a steaming hot moment. And i was wet. Then suddenly he got a bit uncomfortable and pushed me back lightly. He was breathless and was staring at me with a terrible look. He left without saying anything. Since then he is out of reach. He doesnt anwer my calls or messages. He is totally out of reach. I feel sad nad bad for my behaviour. Was i wrong?


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  • He didn't want to kiss you, yet you insisted on it. Respect people's privacy please.

  • yes ,,,, you need to let him get over the women he was going with frist,,,,, they are call mix feeling.....you jump in to fast you push him away.....you need to learn the clock ,,,, call taking your time let him know the good side you frist ,,,,but you didn't ,,,,,,

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