Do i look like i want to get with you?

I am so damn sick and tired of these older men hitting on me in the streets, i mean if i wanted to have s** with you i would have went out of my way to send you a signal or some s***. its disgusting, telling some girl you don't know on the streets that you want to "warm" her sheets.seriously i could have somethin' and so could you for that matter. the most annoying one was this guy in the laundromat trying to get my damn number. f*** im only there to get my clothes clean leave me the f*** alone. let me tell you its creepy as h*** when a man comes out and tells a girl he has seen her around the neighborhood. i really wish i had of asked him where the h*** he seen me at so i could avoid that area in the future. i dont know where these 40 year old men have been for them to think a person in their twenties would spread their legs for them, the moment they come a calling. i seriously hope some of you men who do this s*** are reading this so i can save some other girls from your annoying harassment because that is what it is harassment. warning some other girl might even call the police on your a**** to get you to go away.

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  • Get over yourself b****!

  • Like wow man! is that all you got?

  • Maybe you should get over yourself and stop harping on someone you don't even know.

  • Sounds like you're one of those girls conditioned to hate and think older man are perverts or bad for expressing interest in young women, it's good that your type are rare and a dying breed! but you're entitled to you opinion no matter how old fashioned and out date it is.

  • Expressing interest is completely different from inviting them to bed when they just met. And how is not wanting to get together with a complete stranger and outdated and old fashioned opinion?

  • He's expressing an interest to take her to bed and if you can't comprehend that or see it as a form of compliment(maybe not the kind you think she wants but never the less a form of compliment)then both you and her have no one to blame but yourselves for having a negative intolerable attitude, And her attitude towards older men is an out of date and old fashioned opinion and attitude from days of old most likely acquired from the beliefs of her family and society but she's entitled to that opinion.

  • So let me ask you this, if a man came up to you in the middle of the day while you're by yourself and just comes out and asks you to come up to their house so you could have s** with each other because quote "the nights have been lonely and he's looking for someone to get with" are you saying you would be fine and dandy with it? That you wouldn't get p***** when the guy would act like he didn't understand what the word no meant and would keep pursuing it? And that you wouldn't be bothered by it if it happened repeatedly like you're a common w**** flashing wares for sale? That it wouldn't bother you that they seem to come at the moments when you least want to be bother? Well if you answer that you wouldn't be bothered by any of that then you're a better person than me because I find it tiring and I'm sure plenty of other girls do to. And my opinion about old men is not out dated and old fashioned, in truth I really couldn't care who the h*** they sleep with I just don't want them bothering me, which they seem to always do.

  • It wouldn't bother me at all in fact I just take it as a complement and flirt with the old geezers make them feel good about themselves and brush it off. you sure do sound like an old sour puss, but from your post I pictured you as a young girl 16-28 years old.

  • My guess is that some older guy touched you when you were young and all older men are now disgusting. Get some help.

  • You're an idiot. Put yourself in her shoes, moron. It IS annoying and disgusting, especially because you DON'T KNOW these people, and whether they are dangerous or not.

  • Oh yeah! so when you're ogling over some unknown stranger that you see, actions speak louder then words, I hope you'll remember your own words of understanding and reason...

  • I know you are not relating ogling to walking up and actually harassing the person. Ogling does not involving talking and touching. Ogling is just looking, s*** I wish ogling was all they did.

  • Better guess, she's attracted to guys here age d******

  • More like uneducated guess! No young girl is attracted to a guy her own age unless she has been conditioned buy family and society to repress her natural and inner desire for an older men.

  • Yeah like every girl is attracted to every man who is the same age as her father (eye roll) oooof cooouuurse I've been wrong all this time. You wish.

  • Nobody said anything about a man as old as her father, but there are a lot of teenaged girl interested in men as old as there own fathers these days... times sure are changing from when I was young, just like there are more and more young teen boys and older women hooking up these days then in the past... but that's cool because it only the natural evolution of human sexuality moving back to where it belongs, you just can't put restrictions on human sexuality.

  • My guess is some older guy ouched you when you were younger and now all older men are disgusting. Or maybe don't dress like a s**** and these men will leave you alone.

  • You know I didn't know dressing in jeans and a t shirt was dressing like a s***. I didn't know wearing a jacket several times too big for you was slutty wear, maybe I need to be less slutty, yeah, that's the answer....dumbass.

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